Write-in Votes Don’t Count in South Dakota

vote_fPierre, SD – South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs clarified that South Dakota does not count write-in votes on the ballot “In South Dakota we DO NOT have the option to write in a candidate’s name of our choice on the ballot. If you write-in a candidate it does not disqualify the entire ballot. It will be treated as if that portion was left blank,” stated Secretary Krebs.

According to South Dakota Codified Law:

SDCL 12-20-21.2 – Write-in votes not to be counted–Other votes on ballot. If a name is written on a ballot in an attempt to cast a write-in-vote, the write-in vote may not be counted. However, all other votes for which the voter’s intent may be determined shall be counted.

Administrative Rule:

5:02:16:17.01 – Write-in votes not counted. As each ballot is being examined to determine how the vote was cast for each office, the counting board shall determine if any write-in was placed on the ballot. The write-in may not be counted as a vote but all other valid marks shall be counted as votes.

Voter Registration Deadline is October 24th by 5pm.

Woodrow Wilcox


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