Still Believe You’re Free, America? 2016 Election Reveals the Truth

choiceIn this corner, a spoiled, arrogant billionaire used to getting his own way, who disdains advice (even when he desperately needs it).  In that corner, a self-anointed power-mad harpy who has spent her entire life running for this office, leaving a clear trail of corruption, deceit and treason in her wake (and possibly murder).

So, America, out of over 300 million people, THIS is our “choice”?

I’d say that most Americans would probably prefer “anybody else,” except for the shameful tragedy that so many can’t wait to prove their “progressive” credentials by voting for “the first woman president of the U.S.”  These are the same ones who practically peed on themselves with giddiness by electing “the first black American as president.”  We’ve seen how that turned out, yet half the country has not learned its lesson.

Is America ready for a woman president?  The question should be, “Is America ready for an honest, competent president, regardless of race, sex, etc.?”

Of course there are women qualified to be president…just not THIS woman (just as there are black people qualified to be president…just not Barack Obama).

But we continue to allow the mainstream media to trivialize the election process by focusing on everything except what should be the crucial issues – personal character, integrity, honesty, an interest in what benefits this nation instead of what has torn it apart, etc.  So tonight’s debate will largely focus on some filthy language Trump used over a decade ago, instead of what his vision for this country is.  It will focus on the supposedly cardinal crime of using offensive language about women.

Woodrow Wilcox


Let me say this once and for all: we constantly hear about how women can do any job a man can do, yet just as some blacks play the race card when it’s to their benefit, those same feminists have a hair-trigger when it comes to demanding extra protections for women, be it in the workplace or elections.  You can’t have it both ways: if you want to be “equal” in politics, then you’re going to have to put on your big girl panties and take some nasty shots.

Of course, of all the women on earth, Hillary is the last one who should be tsk-tsking anyone else’s choice of words.  She has a well-documented record of demeaning language to those around her (Arkansas State Troopers, the Secret Service agents who protect her, White House staff – as First Lady, she demanded that staff had to lower their eyes and not look at her when she passed…and she hadn’t been elected to anything at that point.  Think about what that means when she is given the enormous power of the presidency.  If you think Bush and Obama overdid the use of Executive Orders, just wait until Her Majesty is elected.


It has often been said or written that ordinary Americans didn’t abandon the Democrat Party, but the Democrat Party abandoned ordinary American citizens in favor of the far left political agenda of constant turmoil (which allows the federal government to continually expand its power and presence), through divisiveness.  It used to be that they used class divisions, but capitalism screwed that up for them because those who used to be in the lower economic brackets worked their way up into the middle and even upper economic classes through hard work, exposing the Democrats’ lies.  So they settled on race, sex, sexual orientation – and now immigration – to keep society divided…and distracted from their leftist agenda.  As long as we keep falling for it, they’ll keep expanding the power of the federal government until one day…and soon…you’ll realize that the “land of the free” is a thing of the past.

The GOP establishment has shown just how little it cares for its constituents in this election.  After decades of deceit and betrayal, Republican voters have expressed their anger by selecting a true political outsider (Trump), instead of the same old political hacks the GOP powers decide to offer as candidates (Dole, McCain, Bush, etc.).  And look how the GOP boys reacted: like petulant children whose favorite toy has been taken away.  They have shown by their refusal to endorse Trump (their party’s candidate, for pete’s sake!), and even by the proclamations of some that they’re voting for Hillary, that they’d rather the vile, bitter socialist Hillary win the election.  They think the disaffected Republican voters will simply return to the fold in the next election cycle, because American voters have for so long been meek and complacent.  But think about what that means the next time a GOP candidate starts mouthing their promises about standing up to the Democrats’ assault on the foundations of this republic…they won’t follow through on those promises, as they’ve proven time and again.

So, we have a party on the left that is concerned only with the squeaky wheel – inciting class hatred and racial divisions, making deviant sexual practices mainstream (and not because they “care” about homosexuals, or even that homosexuals are especially put-upon or treated badly; even if they were, Democrats don’t give a damn about homosexuals, any more than they care about blacks…they just want votes and another tool to divide the nation), demanding ever more from the “wealthy” in order to pay the lower class for not working, etc.  And on the right (supposedly, but not actually) we have a GOP establishment whose tactics of deceit and betrayal have finally blown up in their face who are doing everything they can to make sure Hillary, their nominal opponent, is elected!  If you need any clearer evidence that the political process is beyond our control, you’re either an ideologue who votes for “progressives” because it makes you feel good about yourself (no matter what it does to the nation), or you’re simply an idiot.  But I repeat myself.

I wouldn’t let Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton babysit for my grandchildren, nor walk my dog.  I wouldn’t trust either one of them as far as I could throw them.  The only reason I’m going to (again) hold my nose and vote for the Republican candidate Trump is because of the destruction to American society that’s been wreaked by Obama and the Democrats (with the willing acquiescence of the traitorous GOP establishment).  Trump, as putrid as he is, is the “anybody else” that the American people have been driven to demand by the GOP’s betrayal.  No, he’s not who I want as president of my country…but I’m willing to take a chance on the evil I don’t yet know, rather than succumb to the evil that Hillary Clinton embodies and has demonstrated for the past two decades.

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  • Kevin

    Well Paul, You and I BOTH will be holding our noses in the voting booth. I am not at all sure Trump will be any better than Hillary; however there is a POSSIBILITY that Trump might take some advise of reasonable men and make a occasional decision that will actually benefit the Country. As for Hillary, I KNOW every decision she makes will have horrible effects on our country.

    Perhaps we could sell nose clamps in a booth outside the polls! Perhaps we could make enough to “go off the grid” in a feeble attempt to survive WHOEVER gets elected.

    God Help Us! (For God is the ONLY One who can)