Trump and Clinton at Thunderdome

thunderdomeI’ll be celebrating my 22nd anniversary with my wife tonight, so it will likely be tomorrow sometime before I end up watching a recording of tonight’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Though in one sense it would be about as enlightening as watching two mules fight over a turnip, coupled with the fact that I won’t learn anything new about either candidate (the evidence was insurmountable long ago that they are both corrupt, amoral liberals who would hardly be worth urinating on if they were on fire), I still plan to watch the debate out of curiosity.

No doubt, both will lie through their teeth about how liberal they actually are, but there remain several things that are likely to make it worth watching.

After all, it isn’t every day (it isn’t every century) you get to see the two most disliked presidential candidates in  history debate each other. That alone makes it a must-see.

It also isn’t every day you get to see two liberal Democrats (one with a “D” after her name and one with an “R” after his name) debate each other in a general election presidential debate.

It’ll be interesting to see if Hillary Clinton can stay on her feet for 90 minutes without collapsing or descending into a protracted coughing fit (I understand there will be no protracted bathroom breaks allowed during the debate).

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It’ll also be interesting to see if Donald Trump can restrain himself from being a crude sexist pig during the debate, especially since feminist Hillary Clinton has a proven penchant for leveraging the slightest excuse to brand male debate opponents as threatening brutes.

What’s more, it isn’t every day you get to see a Democrat debated by a “Republican” who has said the Democrat he’s debating has done an “above and beyond” “good job” as Secretary of State, and who has said his Democrat presidential opponent would “make a great president.”



What a historic, suspenseful debate it’s going to be!

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