What Debate? Hillary’s View of Life and Death Says it All

Hillary_Clinton_phoneThe thing about politics that is easy to disdain is that it more often than not uses words to cover and mask serious errors in judgment with more publicly acceptable rhetorical phrases and words.

Wickedness and immorality are clandestinely draped with words like liberalism, inclusion, civil rights and safety.

It is only when we examine the product of a world view that we see what it really is – or do we?

Liberalism has crept up on the American psyche in small increments since the end of WWII. It has spawned one of America’s largest block of voters called the “Millennials.” They have been primed to dismiss the Bible, view the Constitution as antiquated , while accepting the idea that if we use the right words (from the leftist view) and think happy human global family thoughts – the world which is now a seething powder keg, will smooth out and become just a wonderful place to live.

We can warn them that naiveté not checked quickly crosses the line into dangerous and ultimately deadly circumstances, but prudence, prophecy and plausibility will not prevail to pull them into pondering the prospect – that they are wrong.

They are mistrustful of politicians, while at the same time, they view the government as a nanny that should provide them with everything from free college tuition to welfare – and plenty of “safe zones” where nothing offends or makes their little hearts want to cry and run away.

Woodrow Wilcox


Along comes the Witch of Whitewater with promises of all the above, and while her record in positions of power has produced a long history of ineffective, morally reprehensible and innocuous if not pointless failures and tripe – they’re in!

The power of liberalism is predicated on something called uniformitarianism, which simply put, means the belief that nothing will change. Since nothing has blocked the path; liberalism grows in the light and in the dark, like a weed. It has a life of its own – but here’s the rub – it has nothing to do with life.



Over 58 million people watched the debates between Obama and Romney, but predictions are that that number will be surpassed in the Clinton and Trump debates.

We will be weighing body language, personalities and hanging on every word and nuance of each candidate.

And yet, very few will be weighing the “life and death” factor. This is a combination of record and rhetoric and what it has produced.

If this were the only variable in play, Hillary would lose before the debates ever began.

She would fail even if the question of which candidate has the best temperament to have control over the nuclear button should arise.

Hillary’s record as Secretary assures us that even the perception our enemies have of her is that she would never dare to use the nuclear option, will weaken the nation from the start. It is abundantly clear that Hillary thinks that she can talk the world into cooperation.

This is a turbo charged version of liberalism that sees our world not through rose colored glasses, but is totally blocked by solid blinders. We hope neither candidate will use the option’ but the perception that Trump may, will be an automatic deterrent in the minds of our enemies.

While the nuclear button question is to date purely conjectural, the life and death factor is not.

The life and death factor can be seen as a simple scale, that is, how much life or death has the careers, policies and administrations of either candidate produced.

Donald trump is instantly and automatically removed from the life and death factor for the most obvious reason. He has not yet created any policy that affects the lives of anyone domestically or otherwise.

On the life and death scale Hillary has nothing on the life side of the scale whatsoever.

On the death side of the scale Hillary’s policies and liberal activism has produced massive death and destruction of life. In fact, that is her only legacy.

Let’s see.

The Iran Treaty – Hillary’s Iran policy is Barack’s policy. It has weakened our position with Iran and fostered more human rights violations, persecution of Christians, sponsorship of international terrorism and potential use of weapons of mass destructions. Is she not culpable? She is partly, if not wholly, responsible for every death that has resulted from this treaty to date – there have been many.

The Strengthening of ISIS – Obama referred to ISIS as the “JV team” but it is apparent that Obama and Hillary have proven to be the biggest blundering and naive international policy JV team any nation has ever produced. Is Hillary also not somehow directly or indirectly responsible for every death that ISIS has produced as a result of this viewpoint?

Almost 30,000 deaths have been attributed to radical Muslim groups around the world including ISIS, what part does the JV team of Hillary and Barack play in these deaths? If you said “all of them” you would be right.

The Benghazi Disgrace – To remember Hillary’s “What difference does it make” line heard in the congressional hearings should be enough to capture her indifference to the death of American heroes and fighting men.

Liberals have a unique way of hearing – they don’t. The insult and the disregard to men so brave and their families is enough to make the most seared conscience cringe.

After trying to worm out of any complicity with these deaths by blaming a video, Hillary has yet taken any responsibility. The queen of recalcitrant has now become the very hero and best offering of the Democratic Party.

The scale has tipped and is now ready to topple, but there is more to go.

Almost 44 Years of Roe V. Wade – Being a full-fledged Sangar-ite for her entire life Hillary’s has defended a woman’s right to murder their own children for as long as Roe has been in place.

Not counting the blood and flesh, but just the skeletons of aborted babies, each of the skeletons would take up about one square inch of space on average.

We have no bloody pictures of dismembered infant bodies here, but we do have healthy imaginations. With some simple math, the bodies of 55 million aborted babies would take up the entire space in Singapore’s, Samsung Hub building, which contains 380,000 square feet of space. It is 30 stories high.

If the blood and tissues aforementioned were contained in this model, even the Empire state building could not hold the remains.

Does Hillary except responsibility for even one foot of that space?

LGBT Activism and Counterfeit Marriage – It is more than sad to see that once proud and brave Americans now become sclerotic and almost immobile when any discussion of the perversion of homosexuality and counterfeit marriage is entered into.

Pop-culture has momentarily frozen morality issues as the age of lawlessness and simple minded inclusion of all behaviors is swept into their face daily by media, entertainment, academia, and government indoctrination.

Only those who hold to Biblical, traditional, natural and common sense morality dare to call a spade a spade.

Not only is the homosexual lifestyle proving to have the highest rate of physical and mental diseases of any minority group in the nation, but on the spiritual side of the coin, it is a promise that our nation is flirting with a direct confrontation with the judgment of the Living God.

Such a confrontation will begin with pre-cursive horrors and calamities, but it will end in wholesale death.

Is Hillary culpable?

Hillary’s willingness to sling the word “homophobic” around like a razor sharp sabre to inflict harm and death to any who oppose her should be answer enough.

The Weight of Death Yet to be Added – This answer is the easiest of all.

This writer joins with the millions of those who oppose the election of Hillary Clinton to the highest public office in our land based on the strong belief that if she is elected it will produce the death of our entire nation.

Deciding for Hillary will be the final leaded inclusion on the scale. Is it a death we can live with? This is the proverbial understood answer and a non-sequitur of the highest order.

Hillary has taken no responsibility for anyone’s death so far, what are the chances she’d admit that she helped the most promising nation in world history go down in flames and smoke?

Yes, This Election is a Life and Death Matter – What to do? The answer is easy and it raises yet one further question – who is listening?

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” (De 30: 19)

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