A Diatribe against Baseless Neutrality and Blind Compromise

fingerThis is a rant for the faithless.  I’m railing against you.  I’m railing against me.  But mostly I’m railing against them.

The finger is pointed at judicial and presidential rogues and their radical activism.  Their “we the people”-defying ways are why such formerly vital entities have now become our greatest adversaries.  They are driving us past desperation and over a suicide cliff.  It is why we are constantly on the defense as we cling to the lesser evil.

Where on Earth is Congress?  Seemingly, they are active only when confirming radical leftism.

They stopped working for us a long time ago.  Their perpetual neglect of the will of their constituents is all the proof we need.  Our representatives are bought and paid for by those who own this country, and their wills must ultimately align.

And what’s going on with the American mainstream media?  They either bury the essential stories or ignore them altogether.  Where is the separation between unbiased reporting/investigative journalism and politically driven media manipulations? The Hillary health scandal is a perfect example of the mainstream media being last on the scene while leaning heavy on the “conspiracy” smokescreens.  As for Obama, he is Nixon on steroids; just ask any of a number of whistleblowers whose lack of silence earned them a swift, senseless prison sentence.

The same people who own and control our government officials also own the media.  How many government officials have strong personal ties to the networks and vice versa?  The relationship between big government and big media is beyond incestuous.  The next step in blurring reality and fostering deception is to control the internet, which is essentially the last true source of fact-based investigative reporting we have left.  It’s not as if the corruption is ever going to reveal itself.

Woodrow Wilcox


We need more transparency and moral consciousness and fewer CIAs and Homeland Securities.  Everything should be localized.  The Constitution was most effective and faithfully upheld when the culture and the state were lockstep.  It is why classical liberalism worked and our nation flourished.  The Church was the main influence and authority on the culture.

A well-intended, over-compensative reaction to a lost land with no moral compass cannot make things right.  A conned and conflicted culture is the real issue at hand in the battle for the heart and soul of America.



Early America was in nowise theocratic, but it worked, and the founders knew that it would eventually cease to be if we surrendered God’s natural law and moral order as the foundational source of true liberty and equality.

We should ask, how is a society where freedom of speech and religion is increasingly compromised a free society?  A wholly secularized society is eventually a Bible-banning society.

On the flip-side, blind and baseless acceptance has morphed into a lack of scrutiny and discernment between religious tolerances and religiously cloaked existential threats.  In this country, each and every citizen has the religious liberty to worship any way he sees fit as long as he does not act lawlessly in doing so.  But we mustn’t forget that our laws are derived from a Judeo-Christian foundation of morality.  Not everyone must be Christian, but everyone must be lawful.  Our laws are derived from what is good and healthy for society.  ”Rights” are good as opposed to “wrongs,” which are obviously bad and ultimately harmful.

Ultimately, I’m all for free speech mixed with proper discernment.  I’m glad groups like the Westboro Baptists and the Black Panthers are on record revealing what they are really about.  Those who soften these groups’ intent on account of their own ignorance are to be lamented.  Many have earned their designation of “useful idiot.”  They are guilty of a soft bigotry of low expectations.  They are expendable, exploitable tools of those with greater intentions.

Global elites and their plans for global domination in the form of borderless purposelessness ripe with population control and rationed health care should fully reveal themselves.  Instead, they’d rather take a sinister foothold via political and monetary manipulations.

The ways of integrity and transparency are foreign to the corrupt and morally bankrupt.  They know only how to plot and scheme in the darkness and behind the scenes.  Expose the light, and the masks come on.  They are the utter dark side of humanity disguised as a better way.  They are the seducers of mankind.

Mankind’s fallen nature and natural depravity confirm our need for godly leaders to preserve the righteous standard.  This is no longer the reality; rather, evil is perpetuated, protected, and accommodated by those in a position to know better.

I’m not saying we must severely punish all forms of sin, but we must uphold good standards if we are to avoid widespread societal ruin.  Tragically, it is the direction of our modern culture that makes evil rule most attractive.  This is why our country has become ripe for infiltration.

How can a righteous man even tolerate Washington?  From all appearances, it’s a dirty, evil place

If you take away morality and ethics, which are based in religion as revealed in God’s law, eventually a form of arbitrarily blind atheism conceived by those drunk with power will lead us into a perpetual darkness.  Who is most threatened by this brave new world – a world in which our records and our allegiances are no longer personal or private, and religious conservatives are deemed “bigots” and “haters” just for recognizing the sin inherent in mankind?

Liberals are willfully ignorant and there’s only one reason they are this way. They refuse to believe in God. They may actually have to show discernment and know there’s only one way, truth and life. Just because they don’t believe in God or believe that they are sinners in need of a savior, doesn’t make them any less blind. They are at minimum, practical atheists. There are many of them in the GOP camp as well and they rip the compassion right out of me.

This is not just a matter of religion.  The importance of personal virtue and sound civil authority is transcendent. We needn’t waver when presented with opportunities to stand our ground, but continue to stand we must.

Religious humanism serving as the default belief system is repressive because it ultimately diminishes human autonomy and accountability, and eventually morphs into a form of repressive socialism.  We may initially earn the type of freedom that enables us to “live as thou wilt,” but where shall we find true fulfillment?  Income distribution and thought policing are integral tenets of the dogma of the statist.  So we needn’t be surprised that our wealth and privacy are so highly coveted by the tyrannical powers seeking global uniformity and ultimate control.

As we speak, our Judeo-Christian principles are being swiftly subdued by radicalism and assimilation-defying multiculturalism.  If ideology foreign to national freedom starts taking over pockets, regions, and territories, and infiltrates our government, which is already happening, freedom of religion will become freedom of state control to keep us from destroying each other.  The heat has been applied, and our melting pot is boiling over.

It’s a game-time decision: roll the dice with Republican nominee Trump or send a message with the Constitution Party’s Castle.  We the people are tired of playing this twisted game by its distorted rules.  If our political system is unwilling to come back to us, maybe we can refuse to have any part of it, truly unify, and wholly start anew.

Most folks are more than happy to settle for a Cyrus, but what this nation really needs is a Saul traveling the road to Damascus.  Can Trump be knocked off his high horse and become a true public servant for the good of one nation under God, or will he go the way of Patty Van Pelt and embrace the perpetually left-leaning status quo?  We’ve finally reached a point where Charlie’s not going to play anymore.

In the end, where we find ourselves as individuals and a nation must ultimately go the way of sovereign decree.  We should proceed to stand on principle and be ready for anything.

Originally Published @ American Thinker.

*On a more personal note, I was toying with allegiance to Trump. This is the hardest decision I’ve had to make, as I have young children. I don’t find Trump wholly detestable. As far as this culture goes, he’s more than tolerable. But my spiritual eyes are wide open. I will pray for Trump. I believe God can reach him, but I cannot blow with the wind. I can’t bring myself to vote for him or vote in general (short of a principled one) with the culture and influences surrounding Washington. I hope the ‘good’ influences, and he’s surrounded himself with a few (although not very many), can help bring to him a message that God can use to penetrate his heart so the righteous course is evident and he will not wilt from the pressures of the blind and the godless. But his ‘LGBT tees for Trump’ is a sobering reminder of the damage already done. There is no indication that he will resist the global persecution (bordering extinction) of the Christian. And that is, above anything else, my (White) horse in this race!

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