The 2016 Cognitive Dissonance Election

I was driving around late this afternoon and saw a vehicle in front of me with these two bumper stickers, and had to get a picture of it. It’s not every day you see someone so proudly broadcast their…well, you get the picture…or you’re about to.

The one on the left of course extols Donald Trump. The one on the right (rightly) castigates Hillary Clinton for her deceptions, stating, “Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire.”

The only problem is, Donald Trump is about as big a liar as Hillary Clinton. The evidence clearly shows that Donald Trump is as credible as Hillary Clinton (it’s no wonder Trump praised her as Secretary of State and said she’d make a great president).

If you look up “profound ignorance,” you’ll probably see this picture there. And if you look up “cognitive dissonance,” I know you’ll see this picture there.

Don’t believe me? Been asleep for the past year? Here’s a list of 101 of Donald Trump’s lies.  Keep in mind that this list was published back in April, and Donald Trump has done a whoooooooole lot of lyin’ since then.  It’s probably no wonder he’s popular with a lot of people-he’s been on every conceivable side of every conceivable issue, meaning if you only pay attention to what you want to hear (which is what most people do), then a lot of people are going to think he’s on their side.

This kind of cognitive dissonance (indeed, this kind of ignorance, this kind of willful blindness), is what Donald Trump owes his presidential nomination to, and the continuation of it for for another 52 days is the only chance he has to win.


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