‘Great Kid’ Shooting”– What in Hell is Wrong With Black People?!

jalen_thompson_johnsonOn Sept. 12, 16-year-old black high school student Jalen Thompson Johnson obtained a gun, donned a mask, claimed to be a police officer and tried to kick in the door to an apartment in Durham.  The man who lived in the apartment was shot in the leg, but was able to return fire and kill the intruder.

Cue the news media, ever ready to put a certain spin on such stories; station WNCN covered the shooting and reported thusly –

The teenager left dead after the gunfire, Jalen Johnson, was a student at Hillside High School in Durham.  The school’s principal, Dr. William Logan, said Johnson was a “great kid” and called his death “a loss to our school.”

Word about Johnson’s death spread quickly via social media and the school worked quickly to provide a way for students to grieve.  “Counselors from our team are here to assist the students,” Logan said.

“Great kid”…”a loss to our school”?  This was said about someone who attempted to commit armed robbery and murder, while impersonating a policeman!

If the apartment dweller is white, I’m sure the BLM crowd, Sharpton, Jackson, et al, are already flocking to Durham.  And I’m sure that idiot NFL quarterback is bemoaning another incident of “oppression of people of color,” but the fact is…this punk got exactly what he deserved.

Woodrow Wilcox


But I’m sure his martyrdom by the black community has already begun, just as Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling and the rest of the thugs, punks and criminals have been martyred the past two years.

And therein lies the difference between decent, law-abiding Americans of every race and the poor black underclass.  We all have such punks and thugs, but we don’t “grieve” for them when their crimes get them shot; we think “Good riddance!” and go on with our lives, glad that one more predator is off the street.



The so-called “black community” bears most of the blame for the deaths of those mentioned above, because they tolerate the violence that has become the norm in their communities.  While they wail and moan each time a young black man is shot and killed by police or law-abiding citizen, they don’t say a word about the thousands killed by other blacks each year (from 2000 to 2014, over 76,000 black males died from gun homocides, almost all committed by other black males).

But we’re supposed to mourn for this budding young predator, to grieve that he won’t be able to perfect his criminal skills so next time he’d be successful?

The only oppression I see that American blacks suffer is self-inflicted, as in refusing to study in school because that’s “acting white;” as in not bothering to learn their native language; as in breeding like rats, with no intention of ever providing for the children, since they know the rest of us will continue to pay for them; as in preying on innocent people, black and white; as in blaming anything and everything else for their plight, instead of accepting responsibility for it.

Why should we care about a black teen who gets himself killed while committing a crime, when the “black community” didn’t care, right up to the point where he got shot?  Why do the majority of blacks who do work and obey the law have to carry the stigma of the 10% of ghetto blacks’ crime, laziness and aggression?  Why do all the people who work (black and white) have to continue supporting those who have received hundreds of billions of dollars in our taxes (in the form of welfare, aid to dependent children, medical and job training programs), and yet who continue to claim they’re “oppressed” because of their skin color?

Gutless politicians and race-baiters have created an entire industry where benefits-to-slackers equals votes for them, thus we have the closest thing to perpetual motion ever seen: government programs that encourage sloth, immorality, illegitimacy, drugs and crime.  It’s gone on since the 1960s, with no end in sight.

“Oppression of people of color” is a bald-faced lie, but the media isn’t interested in the black Americans who have succeeded, for that’s not good news copy.  So the travesty will continue.

Every race has its own 10% of thugs and criminals; it’s only blacks who celebrate them as heroes, freedom fighters or victims, and they do so simply because the punks have the same skin color as them.  Yet they have the gall to call others  “racist”?

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  • DCM7

    Every race-baiter, every person claiming that “blacks are oppressed,” should be required to read this and answer the questions asked in it.

  • Thisoldspouse

    The defending resident should get a medal of valor, and a tax break for saving the taxpayers extended “defense” of the exterminated scumbag.

    • Revolution76

      A tax break for killing a black? Maybe that’s why blacks keep doing it to other blacks in all the democrat-run cities.

      • Thisoldspouse

        No, a tax break for killing a domestic terrorist. Only a racist sees racism when it is not an issue.

  • Public_Citizen

    Since the beginning of “The War on Poverty” this nation has spent a sum on public benefits roughly equal to the current National Debt.
    What has it gotten us?
    More poverty.
    More Crime.
    More people in prison.
    More Debt.

    • Thisoldspouse

      But we’re supposed to keep doing the same thing again.

      • Public_Citizen

        Wasn’t it Albert Einstein that stated that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”?

        IMHO it’s time, and past time to try something different.
        Am I the crazy [insane] one?