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darrell_castle_constitution_partyIf you’re a conservative like me who can’t bring himself to vote for either of the lying liberals running for president from the two major parties, your might think your only other option is the pro-dope and immorality Libertarian Party (after all, it seems like a deliberate effort being waged by the media to make people think that).  But as I have pointed out before, the Constitution Party is running a presidential candidate, Darrell Castle, and he’s on the ballot in the majority of the states.

The Constitution Party’s platform is very conservative and not unlike the Republican Party platform; the only significant differences are that (a) the Constitution Party platform spells out more plainly what the GOP platform supports somewhat more generally, and (b) Constitution Party people tend to actually support their platform, while most “Republican” candidates think the GOP platform is worth toilet paper, if they regard the principles of their platform at all.

While the “mainstream” media is busy trying to keep conservative Americans from realizing that they actually have a conservative choice in the presidential election, some have been seeking out Castle to find out what he and the Constitution Party believe.

In this Glenn Beck interview, Beck asks Castle about the claims of some that he is a “birther” in that he does not believe Barack Obama and Ted Cruz are eligible to serve as president. Castle denied this, stating that he could support Cruz for president if they weren’t in different parties, and that he doesn’t know where Obama was born and hasn’t taken a position on it.

In the MRCTV interview by Dan Joseph (video below), Castle discusses what he and the Constitution Party stand for, where he stands on some of the issues, and some differences between what he believes and what Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson believes (Castle is for secure borders where Johnson is not, Castle is pro-life where Johnson is pro-abortion, Castle supports religious liberty where Johnson does not).

Castle also said that former GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz is a constitutionalist like himself, and that if Castle were a Republican instead of belonging to the Constitution Party, he would have voted for Cruz in the primary.

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One area in which Castle does disappoint me is that, while he believes in secure borders and the rule of law, he says he wouldn’t deport “en masse” the 12 million+ illegal aliens already in our nation.  He is more concerned with the “criminal” illegal aliens (though by definition, ALL illegal aliens are criminals, because they have broken our nation’s border and immigration law). Castle says if we cut off illegal aliens from welfare benefits, many of them would self-depart, and he’s absolutely right. And while it would indeed be difficult to round them all up and deport them, as we’ve seen before from the threat of toughened immigration enforcement, many will self-deport when they see the American government get serious about enforcing its own laws.

Though this is disappointing, he’s still more credible on the issue than is Donald Trump, who has hired illegal aliens, funded advocates of sanctuary cities, and who changes what he says about illegal immigration almost on a daily basis. And unlike Donald Trump, Castle isn’t a liberal in so many other areas, as well as a crass drag on the primary vehicle of conservatism in politics.



I also don’t agree that we should pull out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  While I sympathize with the leaning of the Constitution Party to avoid foreign entanglements, the world is a lot smaller than it used to be, with ICBMs, oil supplies, international terrorism and such. NATO isn’t the inept den of snakes that the United Nations (UN) is, and while it has its faults, the organization has helped resist evil in Europe and the Middle East for many decades. I served in England and briefly in Germany, and saw the difference a united West could make against the forces of darkness.  Remember: the Soviet Union may be gone, but Russia is NOT our friend, and they have NOT lost interest in world domination.

Even with these two areas of disagreement, Castle is light-years better than the Democrat-with-an-“R”-after-his-name Donald Trump.

Given the fact of the dominance of the two major parties, and given that the “mainstream” media is trying hard to make sure people don’t know the Constitution Party exists, and given that even most polling organizations won’t poll on the Constitution Party, the odds are heavy against Castle winning.

But if you’re a conservative who can’t bring yourself to vote for one of the liberals being offered by the other parties, Castle can give you someone to vote for who won’t leave you feeling like you sold your virtue for pennies to a grimy dirtbag in some back alley (the way voting for Donald Trump would make me feel).  Do yourself a favor and check to see if you can vote for Castle in your state; odds are, you can.

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