Science Debunks Homosexual Propaganda

sexuality_gender_studyWASHINGTON, Aug. 24, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — A new exhaustive scientific study conducted by two Johns Hopkins University scientists reveals that scientific evidence does not support the “born that way” claim regarding homosexuality or the “trapped in the body” so-called transgender claim. Written by Dr. Lawrence S. Mayer and Dr. Paul R. McHugh, this study evaluates data from over 200 peer-reviewed studies regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Regarding “sexual orientation,” the study concludes: “The understanding of sexual orientation as an innate, biologically-fixed property of human beings – the idea that people are ‘born that way’—is not supported by scientific evidence.”

Regarding “gender identity,” the study states: “The hypothesis that gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex – that a person might be ‘a man trapped in a woman’s body’ or ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body,’—is not supported by scientific evidence.”

Regarding health, the research reveals non-heterosexuals experience 1.5 times more anxiety and depression, 1.5 times more substance abuse, and 2.5 times the risk of suicide than heterosexuals. Suicide attempts by transgender individuals are estimated at 41 percent compared to less than five percent of the overall population.  The study shows a very small portion of the population, less than one percent, identify as transgender. It also concludes there is no evidence to suggest that children should be encouraged to become transgender if they act or speak in a way that is typical of their opposite gender and warns against any treatments or surgeries on young people who identify with the opposite gender.

“We are uniquely created by God as male and female. There are not multiple variants of gender. The human race is binary – male and female. It’s time to stop pushing this deceptive agenda and enabling such mental confusion,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “The scientific facts do not support the harmful LGBT agenda. Common sense demands we stop rebelling against nature,” said Staver.

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  • retiredday

    So, where are all the proud science-deniers, hmm?

  • Tom Johnson

    Since you are pushing this bunk, please explain to me in detail the moment you made the choice and how you did it … that is, when is it you said, “You know, I really am attracted to John, but I also am attracted to Jill, but I decide that I am actually attracted to Jill.” Please, I await your elucidation.

    You will not, because you cannot. You yourself are living proof that your sexual orientation is innate. You never had to decide - you simply knew. If anyone here denies that, please answer the above question.

    • Perhaps you should read the study, which goes into considerable detail on the subject. Then you might have a better understanding. Of course, the fact that less than 3% of the population is homosexual, as well as the scientific fact that male and female sex organs are obviously designed for use with one another, provides some insight into what is normal and natural, and what is not.

    • DCM7

      It’s always interesting how someone will pull out a single talking point as if it will settle the whole complex question in one blow. And, inevitably, the talking point is both fallacious and unoriginal.

      You’re assuming the question is, “is same-sex attraction inborn or chosen”? That assumption is a mistake commonly made by people on both sides of the issue. But it’s a false dilemma; those two options are not the only ones, and neither is totally correct.

      Same-sex attraction, like other sexual issues, is based largely in environmental/experiential factors. These can affect things so early in life that a person may honestly feel they were “born that way” (although that claim is also made by people who know it’s not true). Such factors wouldn’t affect everyone the same way, but only lead people with certain dispositions to have certain issues; that’s as close as “born that way” comes to being true. And people can choose to take the (admittedly challenging) road away from such issues (as many actually have); that’s as close as “chosen” comes to being true.

      BTW, the fact that Bob didn’t have to “make a choice” is not proof that “sexual orientation” is innate. It’s merely anecdotal evidence that *heterosexuality* is innate.

    • “A new exhaustive scientific study conducted by two Johns Hopkins University scientists…evaluates data from over 200 peer-reviewed studies” = “bunk”


  • Michex

    Homosexuals often “hit” on heterosexuals that they see as vulnerable to lure them into sexual acts and a life of homosexual behavior.
    The targets are often young people with low esteem, poor family life, terrible shyness, or psychological problems. Sometimes alcohol or drugs are used.
    In this way, the victims get confused and are initiated into homosexual behavior.
    This is why most societies have looked down on homosexual behavior. Societies know that homosexuals often try to lure young people away from heterosexuality, a normal family life, and children.
    Homosexuals know this very well, but they lie and say that no one has ever been tricked into homosexual behavior.
    Homosexuality has always been looked down upon for very good reasons.
    It is a way of protecting society and citizens.

    • DCM7

      I can’t attest to how frequently people get “lured” into homosexual behavior, but I do know there are other ways that they get there. At any rate, you’re absolutely right that homosexuality has always been looked down on for very good reasons… so many more reasons than you even hint at.

      That doesn’t mean “gays” should be harmed, called nasty names, etc. That should not be the Christian/conservative response, and most of the time it isn’t. But it does mean that homosexual behavior should never be treated as normal or acceptable.

  • Thisoldspouse

    Here’s the standard irrational response from homosexuals and their advocates when confronted with unimpeachable evidence such as stated in this article: “Gays do NOT experience more health risks than the general population, but our higher health risks are because of homophobes like you.”

    It sounds like a 2nd grader arguing.