Global Utopia and the Reality of Earthly Humanity

The great late third century Christian father of the early Catholic church, Saint Augustine of Hippo, wisely defined evil as the deprivation of good.

The source of all that is good and holy, of course is God. It is His Son – Jesus – who came down upon the earth to redeem fallen humanity. Jesus is the way out of the darkness. But His great sacrifice and redemption for those who believe upon Him as deliverer and savior from sin, does not cancel out the fact that all of creation remains yet broken and in its fallen state. This is a reality that so many do not, or merely refuse to, understand. It’s a reality not lost on New York Times columnist Ross Douthat , as can be witnessed during his discussion with skeptic Bill Maher.

Unfortunately most of our politicians and the global elites to whom they are indebted have not received the memo. Hence, the global go-along-to-get-along suicide mission against the reality of evil that continues to drive our nation’s public policy. We should never seek to incite violence but we mustn’t dwell in some alternate utopian reality where we blindly tolerate everything and deem it good in the hope that widespread peace and happiness will miraculously ensue. Such a naive perspective may reflect a wishful thinking mentality upon which Jon Lennon songs are made but they will never pass the human nature and experience test…no matter how hard our leaders attempt to will it to be so…

America should pay attention to what’s happening in the world but she shouldn’t be manipulated and controlled by forces whose ideology demand a subservience to a particular global collective. If we are driven to be indebted and dependent upon the government, we will be unable to worship and honor God as freely as we’d wish.

Let’s not freely permit the state to be a facilitated provider of the masses. Those who place their faith in fallen humanity to pave their way are certain to exchange their soul for a later and greater hell to pay. Take away God’s ruling authority and providential care and utter darkness begins to fill the void. Our prayers and worship must continue as we cry out as people and nations for mercy and forgiveness.

The majority GOP establishment lives in utopian fantasy land. PC has the wrong view of humanity and it’s a view that’s slowly killing this country. What will the end result be?

Woodrow Wilcox


Will there ultimately be a one world religion? What will it look like?

I’ve always thought the biggest threat to American sovereignty (and most importantly the freedom to worship the One True God) would be religious humanism. Unfortunately, as far as the majority of secular society are concerned, the realization of worldwide religious humanism would be nothing short of utopia.


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