Presidential Electors for Libertarian and Constitution Party Announced in South Dakota

White House

White House

Pierre, SD – South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs has received the Presidential Electors for the Libertarian and Constitution Parties. Both parties regained status as recognized political parties in South Dakota in 2016.

The Libertarian Party has nominated Gary Johnson of Santa Fe, New Mexico for President and Bill Weld of Canton, Massachusetts for Vice President. Their three Electors are Jon Boon McNutt, Elaine Kub and Richard Shelatz.

The Constitution Party has nominated Darrell L. Castle of Germantown, Tennessee for President and Scott N. Bradley of North Logan, Utah for Vice President. Their three Electors are Frank Howe of Brandon, Joel Bergan of Arlington and Melvin Van Den Top of Sioux Falls.

The Presidential Candidates and their Electors will appear on the November General Election ballot.

New Political Parties

A political party may become a recognized party by filing the appropriate new party formation petitions containing 6,936 signatures of registered South Dakota voters (SDCL 12-5-1). A recognized party would adopt their own procedures on how to select delegates to their national convention and would have their own party column on the general election ballot.

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General Information

  • There are no separate campaign finance reporting requirements at the state level for federal candidates.
  • South Dakota does not assess a filing fee for presidential candidates.
  • Write-in votes are not allowed.
  • South Dakota has three electoral votes.
  • There are no requirements on the form of a candidate’s name on a presidential primary ballot in South Dakota.

The 2016 General Election is Tuesday, November 8th.

Click here for a list of 2016 General Election candidates.

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    Vote your conscience. Vote for the Constitution. Vote Castle.