The Facepalm That So Many of Us Feel

Latterell_facepalm_TrumpThe Facepalm Felt Round the World

South Dakota Representative Isaac Latterell made headlines around the nation and around the world when at the 2016 Republican Convention in Cleveland he expressed what so many conservatives around the country also feel.

When South Dakota’s delegation announced our state’s delegates for Donald Trump (who was the only Republican candidate left when our state held our primary), Latterell rolled his eyes and did a facepalm in disgust.

As reported by the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:

“I just think that it’s a sad day for the Republican party,” Latterell said Tuesday night in a phone interview. “I don’t think that the candidate that was chosen has a chance of winning the election, or being different than the other nominee.”

Of course, Latterell’s honesty is being condemned by the usual unprincipled partisans for whom party is all and principle is undesirable.

But Latterell is right. Trump’s negatives are astronomically high, and Trump’s liberal record going back more than 30 years proves he is nothing more than a Democrat with an “R” after his name. When conservatives have in recent years been smart enough and principled enough to reject the lies of RINOs like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, how in the world could so many have allowed themselves to be duped by the sweet-talk of a snake oil salesman like Donald Trump???

Woodrow Wilcox


I’m not talking about those good conservatives who know Donald Trump is a liberal, who admit Donald Trump is a liberal, but who are so disgusted by the radical Leftist Hillary Clinton that they feel kidnapped into voting for Trump. I sympathize with their angst; I feel it myself.

I’m talking about the STrumpet fanatics who resemble Obama Zombies with their mindless proclamations about how Trump is going to fix all the damage done to this country by liberals (that Trump has been funding and agreeing with for decades).

No matter what happens in November, this nation will have a narcissistic liberal at the helm. No matter what happens in November, America has screwed itself (and the GOP has screwed itself by allowing Democrats to vote in the Republican primary) by choosing a liberal who has funded Democrats to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is a sad, sad day for America, and one more than a little worthy of a huge, stinging facepalm.

Immediately after I heard, I sent this letter to Latterell, for which he has already thanked me:

Facepalm_Trump_DemocratsDear Rep: Latterell:

I know you’re getting a lot of criticism for your facepalm and comments at the convention, but I wanted to thank you for expressing the sentiments of many of us.  Of course, Ted Cruz had already dropped out by the time our state got to vote, but it’s beyond pathetic that our party (including all the Democrats who were allowed to vote in our primary, nationwide) chose a liberal con man as our nominee.

I’m afraid we get what we deserve.

In any case, thanks for your honesty and candor. It was very refreshing in this day of mindless lockstep.

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  • Kevin

    Bob, I am not voting for Donald Trump! I am going to vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton! Trump might accidentally do something I agree with. Hillary will DECIMATE this country without any doubt. When the current President was elected in 2008 I thought at the time that perhaps it would teach the RINO’s a lesson. I see all the damage he has done and now wish with all my heart that McCain would have won. I did hold my nose and vote Republican in the last two elections. I will do it again this time for the love of what our country USED to be. I (like you) can not believe the “cult like” spirit that has gripped the Trump supporters. That said, I would rather take my chances with Trump than even 4 years (+30 years of Supreme Court Picks) of the OVER the top Hillary Clinton. God Help Us!

    • I can’t bring myself to do that, but I respect your decision and your reason for it. Unlike the STrumpets, you acknowledge the truth, which I believe is the most important thing left to us in this terrible mess.

  • First of all, I wouldn’t call Trump a “liberal”. He’s suggested a Muslim immigration ban and said there should legal punishments for women who obtain abortions. At least these are his positions now. Further, have you heard the statements of those close to him? His primary advisor said Hillary Clinton should be tried for treason and executed. Does this sound like a liberal?

    The problem with Trump is that he’s volatile, inexperienced and arrogant. He seems to make decisions purely on whether the decision will be to his advantage in some fashion. He also seems to have no sense of self-awareness and self-reflection: what kind of person says they’ve never had to ask God for forgiveness? One who believes themselves to be incapable of error, that’s who, that’s a dangerous position to take. Just because someone has the “right” positions doesn’t imply they’ll be ethical in implementing them.

    Yet, we cannot sustain the fiscal or diplomatic policies of the Left. They’re absolutely suicidal. We can see the problems in France and Germany for evidence of that.

    It appears that our decision this November is a decision between whether we prefer America end in fire or water.