Retired B-1 Bomber Officer to Speak About the Ongoing Cold War

Robert_LiebmanRetired Air Force officer MAJ Robert “Von” Liebman of Rapid City spent his active-duty years in big B-52 Stratofortress and B1-B Lancer bombers during the Cold War. The enemy was always Soviet and Chinese communism. America’s peace and strength lay in its nuclear arsenal and payload weapons that could strike back if attacked.

Liebman will visually present his experiences as a B-52 and B-1 flyer in the Cold War end-game years, confronting the Soviet Union and China, as the prospect of nuclear warfare steeled US military policy.

The free public event will take place on Saturday, July 9, at Ellsworth Air Force Base’s South Dakota Air and Space Museum, starting at 9 am, sponsored by the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group.

The Cold War continues between global superpowers, argues Liebman: Russia is pushing back NATO in eastern Europe and bombing US allies in Syria. China is building island fortresses in the South China Sea. Proxy wars involving guerrilla armies are being fought across the globe. The big bombers have a proven track record in all these wars.



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Woodrow Wilcox


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