Hillary Clinton Lies, Side by Side With the Facts

This side-by-side of Hillary Clinton’s lies next to FBI Director James Comey’s statement on the findings of the long investigation of her lawbreaking really tells the story.

Yes, she had official emails (that belong to the taxpayers, the people of America) on her personal email server.

Yes, she had classified information on her personal email server.

Yes, she deleted some of those official emails (perhaps the most damning ones?)

Yes, she lied.

Yes, she broke the law.

Woodrow Wilcox


I used to have a secret clearance. If I had treated classified information like Hillary Clinton did, I would have faced jail time, as would any average citizen who failed to safeguard classified information.

But the FBI tells us that (like most things in the Obama Administration) the law will (selectively) not be upheld when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s crimes.

Does anyone besides me care? Are most Americans okay with two sets of standards: one for liberal elites, and another for everyone else?

Might as well.  It seems we’re embracing socialism with open arms, and double-standards with regard to the law are par for the course with banana republics and socialist enclaves.

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