Many Good Resolutions Drafted at SD GOP Convention

20160624_Resolutions_Committee_2As I mentioned in a previous article, when the South Dakota GOP Convention Resolutions Committee met today to discuss resolutions that had been submitted, I testified about one I submitted as a statement of opposition to the nonpartisan election ballot measure that was kicked off primarily by liberals.

But my resolution was only one of about 20 or more resolutions that were submitted to the committee for consideration. There were also several resolutions concerning the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, one on sustainable agriculture, education and our nation’s founding principles, several on the governor’s proposed Medicaid expansion,  immigration, and the transgender agenda.

The Resolutions Committee consisted of David Lust, Rapid City (Chair); Paige Bock, Sioux Falls; Rep. Tom Brunner, Nisland; Rep. Elizabeth May, Kyle; Sen. David Novstrup, Aberdeen; Shane Penfield, Lemmon; Tim Rave, Dell Rapids; Matt Roby, Watertown; and Rep. Tona Rozum, Mitchell.

The resolution dealing with sustainable agriculture stemmed from the sentiment from farmers and ranchers who don’t believe outside interests should be meddling in  their business.  The resolution was adopted by the committee for recommendation to the committee tomorrow.

Another resolution dealt with the apparent loss of recognition among many young people of the importance of  our republican form of government, the antithesis of socialism to the American way of life, and the failures of modern education to adequately prepare young people to sift the culture’s siren call of socialism in light of our representative form of limited government. After some amendments, the measure was accepted to recommend to the convention tomorrow.

Another resolution concerned immigration and President Obama’s  desire to send improperly vetted Syrian refugees to the various states including South Dakota.  The resolution urged the leaders of our state to resist such resettlements in our state under the authority of the 10th Amendment to the U.S.  Constitution. Unfortunately my attention was drawn away during the discussion of this proposed resolution and I did not ascertain for certain whether it was accepted  by the committee or not.

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One resolution commended  Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds and Rep. Kristi Noem for their efforts against ObamaCare, and called on the legislature to resist efforts to expand Medicaid.

There were three resolutions concerning the transgender agenda being forced on our state.  The primary one to be accepted by the committee called on the U.S. Department of Education to rescind President Obama’s Title  IX edict which attempts to force transgender restrooms  and locker rooms on the nation’s schools.

South Dakota  GOP National Committeewoman Sandye Kading testified in favor of the resolution, stating the transgender agenda is being forced on kids with no voice and no vote. She mentioned modesty and privacy. Kading mentioned that the issue ultimately is one of science and genetics,  and is determined at conception. She mentioned the effect it would have on a female child who has been molested,  and the possibility of a man coming into  the restroom or locker room with her,  further traumatizing her. Kading said this is the time  when men need to step up and make sure the women they love will not be  victimized by this agenda.  She said while it may not be popular,  you can never  go wrong by doing what’s right.

Another lady pointed out that Johns Hopkins used to do transgender surgery,  but has now stopped doing that because it isn’t helping people who are confused about their sex.  She said we also need  to stand firm on this for the benefit of transgender kids who may be encouraged down a path that will be bad for them. She said we need to teach them there’s a better way than the confusion that society has pushed on them.

Dale Bartscher, Executive Director of the Family Heritage Alliance, spoke in support of  the resolution and handed out a statement by the Pediatrics Association on the issue which said the agenda harms  children. He said the Sioux Falls city council rescinded  a pro-transgender measure  they were working on. Bartscher said one of the council members told  him  that calls they were getting from the public were 100-1 against the transgender agenda.

Allen Unruh pointed out that there are dozens  of cases which illustrate  how sexual predators can piggyback  on transgender  bathroom legislation to pursue their victims.

Unfortunately South Dakota’s governor, Dennis Daugaard, refused an opportunity to address this important issue of privacy and security in our state when he vetoed a bill to do just that earlier this year.

Eventually,  a number of bills on this subject were melded,  additional amendments brought, and the measure was accepted by the committee.

South Dakota Senator Phil Jensen brought a resolution affirming the right of people not to participate in activities that violate their religious convictions. Jensen said the issue was heartily recommended  and defended in the platform committee. Jensen said his resolution just reaffirms the religious liberty of South Dakotans. He pointed out that some cities in South Dakota have already considered curtailing these liberties in favor of the homosexual agenda. It was adopted by the committee with some relatively minor changes.

Some other proposed resolutions were discussed, with not all of them being adopted. Some had no advocate present to speak for them, but the committee may meet again later before the convention convenes tomorrow.

All of  the resolutions adopted by the Resolutions Committee today will be discussed and voted on by the delegate body during the general session tomorrow morning.  At that meeting, the resolutions may be  amended, adopted by the party, or rejected entirely.

Stay tuned to American Clarion for continuing coverage tomorrow.



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