Racial Hypocrisy – Trump’s Judge and the Supreme Court’s Ruling

US_Mexico_border_bgMuch is being made of Donald Trump’s supposedly “racist” comments and attitude about the judge in a Trump University lawsuit.  According to Trump, the judge, who is of Hispanic ethnicity, can’t rule objectively in the case because of the antagonism caused among some Hispanics by Trump’s promise to build a wall to stop illegal immigration from Mexico and Central American countries.

However, just weeks ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a black man in Georgia convicted 26 years ago of murdering a white woman didn’t get a fair trial because there were no black people on the jury that convicted him.  Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the court that “prosecutors were motivated in substantial part by race when they struck African-Americas from the jury pool.”

Amazingly, what the court is saying in this ruling is that Americans – white, black, yellow, brown or whatever – aren’t capable of making fair, reasoned judgments based simply on the evidence and facts of the case, but that if the accused is of a certain race, he/she must have at least some jurors of the same race for any decision to be valid.  Out goes “equal justice before the law” and in comes poisonous race consciousness, furthered by every branch of the federal government for the past half-century.  This appalling decision is simply the latest in a long line of egregious actions, by the courts, Congress and the Executive Branch, that undermines the foundational concept of equal rights and responsibilities guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  But that’s a subject for another essay.

However, Trump’s belief that a Hispanic judge can’t separate himself from his ethnicity enough to rule objectively in the civil suit against Trump University reflects the same kind of thinking as the Supreme Court’s ruling.  Because of the threatened wall to prevent further immigration from Mexico and Central and South America, Trump reasons that the judge must have an animosity towards him for daring to propose such a thing, since it’s seen by some as ‘racist’ towards Hispanics.  I see very little difference in Trump’s view and that of the Supreme Court.  Yet nobody batted an eyelash at the SC’s ruling, yet the media and the career political whores are falling all over themselves bashing Trump.

This is what happens when you demolish the one moral and behavioral standard that makes possible a democratic republic: the Judeo Christian virtues of the Bible.  For two centuries that standard ensured that everyone knew exactly what was right and what was wrong; it enabled anyone, regardless of race, nation of birth or cultural background to become an American.  Slavery and Jim Crow laws were a vile aberration and went against everything the Bible teaches, and this country eventually rejected them.

However, instead of giving some temporary assistance to black Americans to “catch them up” and level the playing field (because of decades of discrimination in education, hiring, etc.), then treating them as equals in fact and not just in concept, career politicians took advantage of the situation to establish a perpetual offended minority upon whose vote they could rely, as long as they kept pumping taxpayer dollars into school programs, lunches, job programs, etc.  This Supreme Court ruling is just one more nail in the coffin of the concept of equality before the law.  Introducing race, culture and ethnicity into every facet of life, especially into the rule of law, destroys the idea of the melting pot, that all people can share the same values, hopes, aspirations and dreams.  It balkanizes society into special interest groups based on race, culture, ethnic background, guaranteeing perpetual class and cultural warfare.  The only people who benefit from that are the race baiters and hucksters like Jackson, Sharpton, et al, and career politicians who continually promise “progress” in race relations but whose every action perpetuates race and cultural animosity.

Woodrow Wilcox


If Trump is a “racist” for his belief that an Hispanic judge can’t be objective in his dealings with Trump (because of the threatened wall to stop illegal immigratioin), then the Supreme Court is equally “racist” in its presumption that a jury of one race can’t objectively consider facts and evidence and make a reasoned, impartial and fair decision in a murder case.  Yet the Court is praised and Trump is maligned.  When there is no absolute standard, hypocrisy knows no bounds.



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