Faux Outrage Over Fauxcahontas

Phil Jensen


PocahontasThe perpetual outrage machine of the left hit rough waters during Bill Clinton’s presidency as the most powerful man in the world used his position to “compromise” a young intern in his office. While Republican Sen. Bob Packwood of Oregon was sent packing for “Mad Men”-like antics with his staff, Clinton was given a free pass by groups like National Organization for Women (NOW) on what was at best an egregious act of sexual harassment.

Why does this matter?

In 2016, we are seeing the same liberal blindness to one of their favorites as they proceed with a politically correct, safe-space-seeking charge of attempted bullying against Donald Trump.

Rick Kriebel 2016


The latest involves Trump’s calling Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) “Pocahontas” at a recent press conference; Native American blogger/reporter Nicole Robertson called it “very offensive.”

Here’s the rub. If Robertson wants to be offended by something, perhaps she should look at Warren, who at times self-identified as a Native American during her academic career — including listing herself as a minority in the faculty directory of the Association of American Law Schools — perhaps getting her resume put to the top of the pile due to her double minority status.
Warren was hired at Harvard University, presumably over similarly qualified minority applicants, possibly due to her falsely claimed Native American heritage.

Where is the anger at Warren for stealing a spot from someone else due to her lie?

Woodrow Wilcox


Where are the protesters shaming Warren for elbowing other deserving minorities to the side due to her unbridled ambition and unhinged sense of right and wrong?

They are as silent as NOW at a Bill Clinton presidential intern reunion party.

The GOP needs to learn once and for all that the outrage machine only works one way, and when it gets caught in a hypocritical conundrum, the simple and easy response is to look the other way. After all, the leftist who abused his or her position or was hired under false pretenses is too important to subject to the same moralistic, tearful anger reserved for everyone else.

Trump’s only real mistake in calling Warren “Pocahontas” was that he should have used the more apt “Fauxcahontas” appellation that is commonly found on the internet.

The next time the racial or ethnic arbiters of offensive language come out of their respective holes to attack someone, they should be met with a slightly modified children’s refrain: “Sticks and stones may break by bones, but words will never hurt me; unless it is a lie that helps you steal a Harvard faculty spot from some other unknown deserving minority — then your false words really hurt.”



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