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Sly_taxSouth Dakota Taxpayers PAC has a new ad out highlighting the priorities of Rep. Jacqueline Sly who is running against incumbent South Dakota Senator Phil Jensen. You can watch the video below.

Jensen is one of South Dakota’s best legislators. His record is one of consistent conservatism and adherence to documented Republican principles.  Sly, on the other hand?  Well, toss a coin and you might get a Republican vote out of her close to half the time.  By the American Clarion Legislative Scorecard for the 2016 legislative session, Jensen scored 95% Republican values (you know, conservative values), while Sly scored 46%. That’s pathetic.

One of Sly’s biggest allies and financial backers is liberal RINO Stan Adelstein, who has for years thrown his money around backing liberal policies and liberal politicians. Whether it’s abortion on demand, the homosexual agenda, ObamaCare, or higher taxes, you can always count on Stan Adelstein to be right there in the middle of the Republican Party working hard for the Leftist Democrat agenda.  It’s his right to spend his money any way he wants…but it’s disingenuous to advance liberal policy positions under the Republican banner. It’s rather like peddling buffalo urine in a Pepsi can; the contents are not what the label stands for.

Rick Kriebel 2016


If Sly’s own record didn’t tell you enough about her own priorities, the fact that she’s so adamantly backed by Adelstein should tell you all you need to know.

The liberals infesting the Republican Party have been out to oust Phil Jensen for a long time. They join with the liberal “mainstream” media in attempting to smear him from the Left, throw Jensen under the bus and align with Democrats at every opportunity, and throw large amounts of money to liberal opponents in an attempt to get rid of one of the few conservatives in the South Dakota Legislature–even if it means coming down directly against bedrock Republican positions.

As someone who has stood against the Left’s anti-family agenda, anti-freedom agenda, and pro tax-and spend agenda, Phil Jensen has raised the ire of the Left in the Republican Party to the point that they’re pulling out all the stops to get rid of him.

Woodrow Wilcox


We need MORE conservatives in the South Dakota Legislature like Jensen, not more liberals like Sly.  As it is, most conservative bills can’t even make it out of committee, because the RINO leadership stacks the deck of committee leadership and membership so that good bills get killed before they even get a chance for floor votes.

Don’t let the Adelsteins and Slys win.  Let’s send Jensen back to the legislature again, and work for a legislature that reflects South Dakota values, not the liberal Left-coast values championed by RINOs.



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  • Oh come on Bob! Really! There wasn’t enough money for education and roads in the $4.4 BILLION budget. They looked high and low and after they dumped about $50-60 Million more into GOED they just HAD to raise taxes.

    $330+Million in additional spending the last two years.

    We “Ultra” Republicans just don’t get it. The RINO & Democratic DC coalition has done so well with their tax and spend agenda in DC. Why worry…

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