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Phil Jensen


invoice_fOn May 31, 2016, I got some great news. The doctor who runs a major department at a hospital in northern Indiana phoned me with the good news. His department cancelled the contract with a medical billing firm in central Indiana that had been messing up bills for our clients.

The medical billing firm had repeatedly failed to report and deposit payments to the hospital department by insurance companies for our clients. Our firm had at least a dozen clients who received bills for balances due when their insurance company had already paid the balance and nothing was owed.

As the clients sent me bills, I investigated each scenario and found a pattern. I sent letters citing the facts and asking the medical biller to correct its records and send new statements to our clients which showed the correct balance of zero.

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Recently, I started helping our clients to file complaints with the Indiana Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Office. In each case, the Attorney General sided with our client. The medical biller cancelled some claims and refunded money to one of our clients. But, the wrongful bills kept coming.

I decided to contact the chief executive officer of the hospital involved. I asked for the person in charge at the department of the hospital that was using the medical biller that was causing problems for our clients. We connected and I informed him of what was happening and that it was harming the reputation of the hospital with our clients. As I suspected, the medical billing firm never informed its client of any problems – including complaints against its client filed with the Indiana Attorney General.

The doctor who managed the department with the medical billing problem checked on what I told him and found it to be true. He phoned me with an apology and told me to let him know about any of our clients who had been harmed by the medical billing firm so that he could mark their accounts as paid and put an end to the problem for them.

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In a letter that I sent to the doctor, I thanked him for treating our clients fairly. Then, I told him that I was sorry for other patients who had been harmed but did not have an insurance agency that would fight to protect them from financial harm caused by mistakes or fraud in the Medicare system. I asked the doctor to expand his efforts to include all the patients who were harmed by the bad bookkeeping of the medical billing firm that was used. I hope he will do that.

All the help that I gave to our clients in this matter was FREE OF CHARGE. This insurance agency distinguishes itself by “going the extra mile” for our clients. Does your insurance agent or agency give this high level of service to senior citizen clients? If not, why not?



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