Retired Naval Officer Will Talk about Soviet Era Spying and Surveillance

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“The Cold War continues,” says retired US Navy Captain James A. Huff of Rapid City, an expert in naval intelligence who cut his teeth on Russian-American spying and surveillance activities spanning several continents near the end of the Soviet Era.

US Navy Captain James A. Huff (Ret)

US Navy Captain James A. Huff (Ret)

He will speak on Saturday, June 11 at Ellsworth Air Force Base’s South Dakota Air and Space Museum, starting at 9 am, a free event sponsored by the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group.

Huff’s duty on aircraft carriers, submarines and P-3 Orion surveillance planes gave him a front-row seat to geopolitical intrigue that is the very stuff of Tom Clancy novels. He has watched the transition to P-8 Poseidon Cold War technology.

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China’s current militarization of the South China Sea in the Spratly and Paracel Islands comes as no surprise to him. Sand dredged from around submerged atolls creates weaponized new islands with deep-sea harbors, strategically reminiscent of Iwo Jima as a fighting platform.

Huff interwove his naval intelligence duties with periods as Assistant Director of the VA Medical Center at Ft. Meade in Sturgis. He later commanded a US Naval Intelligence team during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, where he was injured, and was awarded the Defense Superior Service medal.



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