Happy Memorial Day

This explains so much…

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  • retiredday

    This video made me cry. All I could remember was watching a medevac chopper hauling up the body of one of our casualties in Vietnam in 1968. There was no space on the heavily-wooded mountain for them to land. I didn’t personally know him. He wasn’t in my platoon. But he was one of us. His dead body hung limp in the sling and slowly turned as it was being pulled up by the chopper crew. That picture is burned in my mind. They grey, smoky sky — the tangle of dead trees like skeletons. At 22 years of age, he, like thousands of others gave their lives for America and Americans.

    Back then, most of us were draftees. We were a citizen army, doing our duty as a matter of honor. Those precious lives — torn away from families just at the time when they themselves would have preferred to have fun and enjoy themselves — deserve to be respected and honored, not forgotten and shamed.

    This shameful generation will get what it deserves.