Those Who Warn America Love America

Phil Jensen


“If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.” (Heb 12: 7-8)

True messengers of the gospel not only love God, but they love their nation and its people. It may seem all too rudimentary, but those who love their children warn, rebuke and punish them regularly.  Those who do not do this don’t love their children, and we might say they actually hate them or at the least are indifferent.

America_Upside_DownHardly a week passes without someone suggesting that my candid reviews of our politicians, church leaders and others do not seem very loving. In fact, it is because I love God and this nation that I say the things I do.

Rick Kriebel 2016


The American Prophet website has hundreds of articles that do not speak favorably about Barack Obama, and yet, I love him, even if it is on the most fundamental level. That level is of course, that he is created in the image of God and is as redeemable as any other citizen of our nation. I hate most of his policies and executive orders and it is to those I speak.

Donald Trump has earned about forty scrutinizing articles on the site, most are not very flattering, but, I do love the man. To love a man with an ego as big as the Grand Canyon tests the very limits of my Christian faith, but I can love him for the same reasons I love Obama.

I don’t slander or defame him and I do not agree with those that do.

Woodrow Wilcox


Famed author Stephen King recently said, “Donald Trump is a carnival man, an entertainer, a buffoon. His fans are white, scared and angry…”  This is insult for insult sake and I don’t like it. Coming from a man who spent a lifetime casting fantasy, horror, death and fear into human minds, is perhaps, why it is nothing to worry about. Donald deserves better than this.

I will borrow a phrase from the old Jack Webb series known as Dragnet when Sgt.Friday says “it’s about the facts, just the facts Ma’am.

Researching the life and times of Mr. Trump has been shocking to say the least. If I were writing about Bat Masterson, Jesse James, Clyde Barrow or some other rogue figure, I would not be so taken aback. What is hard for me to imagine is such a person running for President of these United States.

Then along comes the gaggle of prosperity preachers laying hands on the Donald and a bevy of you tube prophecies and predictions about the new savior of the land. It is sickening.

Yet, for all of this I’d take three of Donald Trump rather than one Hillary Clinton. It’s easy, I firmly believe that Hillary cannot be trusted to take out the garbage, I do however believe, that even with character problems, Donald Trump means what he says and says what he means.

Telling the truth about most people would be better left unspoken most of the time, but when that person is ready to take the helm over the lives and well-being of slightly less than 300 million people, silence is close to criminal.

Love does not supersede fair warning and in the case of what is good for the nation it is always one of the strongest factors. It is included in the price.

Christ loved the merchants he drove out of the Temple with a handmade scourge. How do we know that? Because he didn’t kill them, but gave them another day to consider the error of their ways? That is warning with love.

Jesus gave Jezebel, the fake prophetess, time to repent of her adulteries. He said he would kill her and her children as well as those who committed adultery with her, yet, he gave her time to cease and repent of her sins. That is warning with love. (Re 2: 20f)

In the last days, after the last trump has sounded, the judgment God imposes on the entire world is on a scale that to the modern mind is incomprehensible. Billions will die and every city in the world is brought down like a house of cards. Yet, not one judgment begins without the inhabitants of the planet being firmly warned to change their behaviors. (Rev 14: 6) That is warning with love.

Rational Wiki, Huff Post and Right Wing Watch ruthlessly bang up Bradlee Dean the rock musician who speaks at high school rallies around the nation. He does not quit.

He warned in an article posted July 31, 2015 that “Sodomites are aiming for our kids” a warning that got him even more hatred from the liberal cadre in virtually all media. Now, it is a matter of record that the LGBT agenda has become a threat to everyone’s children under the Obama bathroom edicts.

Will anyone give him credit for warning us? In a recent article entitled “Government-Ordained Preying on the Innocent” Dean said, “I remember that when I began to warn people back in 2006 of the things that were happening in public schools concerning the National Education Association and the sodomites, that my ministry came under much media attention and scrutiny. I also came under ridicule from those who should have known better: the counterfeits in the churches, the conservatives and such.

“I was being accused of hate, bigotry, homophobia, you name it.   Whatever the accusation was, somehow or another, I was guilty of it. That is what the media (6% approval rating; Romans 1:18) wanted the public to believe in.”

But Dean never intended to harm anyone and says of the reason he made these things known to all, are very simple. He said, “The fact of the matter is that it has never been about attacking any particular people.  It has always been about protecting a particular people that are under attack.” (Isaiah 5:20) That is warning with love!

Telling the truth about Trump is no different than telling the truth about anyone, but it is not an attack. Truth cannot be mixed with lies, if falsehoods are an abomination to God, you can be sure that truth mixed with lies is a Satanic ploy as ancient as this very planet.

You see, my warning is about an economic crash that is at the doors. It is the first stage of chastisement for this nation and it will not ask who is sitting in the Oval Office before it commences. That is warning with love!

Born during the last world war, I have watched the moral decline of this nation since I was a boy. It is unbelievable that as we near the bottom of our decline, we think that we are all covered by a presumptuous saying, it pops up everywhere today. It is used to rebuke those who are so far deposed or saddened by election outcomes.

Such a presumptuous saying was used by the ancient Israelites and it angered God and he swore they would not use it again – they have not! (Eze 12: 21f)

Our presumptuous saying is: “The people have spoken.”

Let’s not flatter ourselves because many years past God spoke to us and we have chosen to ignore it more in this generation that in any other. Is this a new “greatness” is this the birthing of an American renewal?

It will take more than any one man to reverse the generational long decline we have traversed through in this nation. But until we repent, revive and wake as a people it is what God has spoken not our dandy little saying that will be our fate.

What did he say to nations – to this nation?

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” (Ps 9: 17)

That is warning with love!



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