Craig Ericks: Defending South Dakota Values

Phil Jensen


Craig Ericks is one of three Republicans running for South Dakota House in District 32.  Since there are two House seats, that means one of these Republicans will not get a shot at the title in the general election.

As you can see from Craig’s mailer below, he believes in defending truth and South Dakota values. He’s a dedicated Christian, been active in Republican circles for many years, and has been an enthusiastic National Rifle Association (NRA) member as long as I’ve known him (which is close to 20 years).

It would be hard to find a more solid, reliable choice for any office than Craig Ericks.  He knows what it means to be a Republican, what it means to be an American, and what it means to be a Christian (and the Christian worldview is the value system upon which our American way of life was based).

Rick Kriebel 2016


Also running is Republican Sean McPherson and incumbent Kristen Conzet.

I’ll cover more about Sean McPherson in another article at another time, but Kristen Conzet is a known entity, too.

Conzet was originally appointed to her legislative seat by none other than RINO Mike Rounds back in 2009.  On the 2016 American Clarion Legislative Scorecard, she came out with a 74%, which is better than she’s come out on some scorecards in recent years. At 74%, she’s a better Republican than a lot of the frauds we have infesting our party, but still doesn’t come close to scraping in at Ronald Reagan’s 80% minimal. While she’s with the Republican platform and agenda on a number of items, she is often missing in action when we need her the most.

Woodrow Wilcox


As noted on the 2016 American Clarion Legislative Scorecard, she voted against drug testing for welfare recipients, voted in favor of taxpayer funding for pregnant illegal aliens, tax incentives for green energy schemes, the education tax increase, and other votes.

We know what we’re getting from Kristen Conzet: substandard performance for a Republican.  Though Craig Ericks has not held elected office, anyone who has known him very long also knows what we’d get from him: solid, reliable votes for conservative Republican values across the board.

Republicans shouldn’t have to guess whether their Republican representative is going to represent Republican values. With Craig Ericks, the Republicans of District 32 won’t.




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