Why is Trump Hiding His Tax Returns?

taxesHonestly, why does anyone have to ask this question? Since it is not a law, but only a tradition, that presidential candidates open their tax records to the public, why has Donald Trump refused to show his records to the world?

He is breeding suspicion and controversy. While it is true that some internet sites feed us questions galore and attempt to pass it off as news, this one is begging for an answer.

Donald Trump entered the great “Birther Controversy” with great fervor and some think that it was his interest in the matter that forced Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate. There are still many who believe Barack’s mysterious document is a fake.

Now, it is Trump’s refusal to show his tax records that are making some believe he is a fake.

He has stated that he will show his records, but not until after the November general elections are finished.


Woodrow Wilcox


How convenient. Won’t it be too late? Will someone raise the specter of an impeachment or will they just throw their hands in the air and give up? How far did the cry for impeachment get when Obama started ignoring the congress, the constitution, and just about everyone in the nation?

Do we see a pattern here?



How can someone who wants America to be “great again” not show his own greatness and do what is right? Could it be that “greatness” is what is lacking in this colorful and boisterous candidate, who already seems to think he is above our traditions and in the case of something questionable in the tax returns, above the law?

Trump is yet facing fraud charges in California connected to his “Trump University.” Throw in his use of eminent domain to expropriate someone’s property and four bankruptcies that denied recovery of moneys to many people, and you have your answer.

On Wednesday May 11, 2016 former presidential candidate Mitt Romney became the first person to raise the question in a Facebook comment. Romney says that Donald’s refusal to release his records should be a “disqualifier.” Trump supporters were quick to cram their usual vitriol against Mitt on his Facebook comment. Nothing new here!

Trump’s dishonesty is already oozing like the puss in an open wound because he previously stated that he could not release the records because he was tied up in IRS audits. But in February of 2016, the IRS issued a statement refuting Trump’s assertion and saying that there is nothing hindering the release of his tax returns.

National Review declares that it is a GOP time bomb and the delegates should refuse to cast their votes for him until the matter is resolved.

If there is nothing to hide, let’s get on with it Donald. We have had enough of the most “transparent presidency” in history under the Obama administration.

If it is just a matter of the touted ten billion dollar net worth being skewed or stretched a bit, we can be sure that Trumpfers will be willing to give him yet another free pass. If it is more than that, you can be sure it will create doubt among potential Trump voters now and all Americans in the very near future.

We may be able to give Trump a pass now by just saying “That’s Trump,” but the future holds many far more dangerous matters that will not be solved by this quip. It is as if America is enjoining itself to a familiar spirit that demands allegiance and happy complicity regardless of questions, doubts and the absence of transparency and honesty.

Many Americans already believe that Mr. Trump is not competent to be the president of this nation; if he does not become more transparent rather quickly, they will add to that belief the suspicion that Mr. Trump is also a fake.

It is now in your ballpark Mr. Trump; if you have nothing to hide, then show some character in the matter.

The talk today is about uniting the Republican Party after becoming the presumptive nominee; will Mr. Trump now leave behind voters who are still on the fence about him? Isn’t nearly eight years of Obama’s faux transparency enough?

“For there is no man that doeth anything in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou do these things, show thyself to the world.” (Jn 7: 4)

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Michael Bresciani
  • I’m not a big fan of Trump, but I don’t see any alternative if he’s the nominee. He has at least some sense for business. Bernie would turn this country into another Venezuela which is right now being devastated by its socialist policies. Hillary would be Bernie-lite.

    • Thisoldspouse

      Hillary would be Obama II.

      Personally, I see no hope for turning this nation around, seeing how debased its populace is. That a proven liar about violating highly pertinent security issues is polling so well, and that a conservative is not only rejected, but continually kicked and denigrated when he’s down, proves that we have lost our collective minds and our souls. If Trump is a means toward this quick death, I’ll support him - this is no longer the America envisioned by our Founders, and such an impostor nation should be put down as the rabid dog that it is.

      • I am continuing to come to terms with what just happened in the 2016 presidential primary. I had hoped for better, but it appears the conclusion is now avoidable that America’s moral underpinnings are so thoroughly rotted to the point that even Republicans (even people who call themselves conservatives and Christians) will choose an immoral, lying liberal over a righteous candidate.


        There can be little hope for a nation that would make such a choice.

        • Thisoldspouse

          I’ve been finding residual “scoreboards” on the candidates during my candidate research in this election season, and it seems that nearly everyone has forgotten where Trump stands, which is in stark contrast to Cruz. FRC’s is very revealing - Cruz is the ONLY candidate, among Clinton, Sanders, Kasich and Trump (who is mixed) who wants to reverse the horrific Obergefell decision and champions a federal marriage amendment. What has happened to conservatism and the opposition to the societal Marxist agenda?

          • Many conservatives are now of a mind to win at all costs, even if it means making a complete mockery of the values and principles they claim to hold dear. I’ve had countless dialogues with STrumpets in the last several months, and it’s like trying to reason with an Obama supporter. Facts are irrelevant. Logic is irrelevant. Reason is irrelevant. It’s truly an amazing (and heart-breaking) thing to behold.

    • According to the way Donald Trump has lived most of his life, and often continues to prioritize today, he would also be “Bernie-lite,” especially considering that he has financially propped up the Clintons and other Leftists.

      I’ll almost certainly be voting Constitution Party for the presidential slot. At least that way, I can know that I won’t be affirming a liberal for president.