The First President to Put a Man in a Woman’s Room

Phil Jensen


restroom_2It has been an interesting week. I don’ t know if any of you receive hate email, I received one this week that was more vicious than most others. If the writer believed in hell, he was essentially commanding me to go there – and immediately. I probably shouldn’t have bothered to read it to the end, but it struck me that these who preach the message of tolerance are some of the most intolerant and vicious people on the face of planet earth.

I think it was the same day that I received junk mail from my Alma Mater. I usually toss that stuff in the circular file, but I opened this one. It was a fund raising letter from the Alumni Association at Rutgers. The literature urged me to give to one of ten causes at the University, one of which caught my attention – LGBTQA. Of the last three the T is receiving a great deal of promotion from the likes of Bruce Jenner. He is still Bruce no matter what he claims, he is still biologically male, every cell of his body proclaims that reality in spite of what his disordered mind believes – he cannot change reality by thinking he would like it to be different than it actually is. No amount of bodily mutilation or injections of hormones will change reality.

But majority of Americans reject this delusion. One million former customers of Target have decided a retailer committed to this perversion isn’t worthy of their patronage, nor of the risk that store’s decision places upon children and women. Several State governments are standing against this evil, notably North Carolina – I pray they will not cave into the fascist pressure from the White House and the so called Department of Justice.

Rick Kriebel 2016


Now in that fund raising letter, I know what the Q stands for, but I don’t know or care what the A stands for. All that means to me is that there is a whole new category of perversion they are promoting. So here is my Alma Mater asking me to fund a program to further the cause of the sexual disordered on campus. To help them feel good about their sin, to teach them that it is good and even righteous to act in violation of God’s Law, to even pervert the very nature of what God has made them to be.

That is what passes for an education at Rutgers and all other Ivy League Schools – teaching students to not only disobey God’s Law, but teaching them to over throw God’s Law. And not only to do this in their personal life, but even more disastrously to bring about a radical and fundamental transformation of America into a land rife with the abomination of sodomy, teaching people to reject who God has made them to be and at the core of their being to reject God altogether.

In short this along with many other universities in our land are nothing short of synagogues of Satan, blatantly teaching and promoting the Satanic agenda for the lives of their students and advancing the Satanic agenda of a radical transformation of our land into the kingdom of Satan. I would not recommend my Alma Mater to any student looking for a institution of higher education.

Woodrow Wilcox


In fact one should be very cautious about any so called institution of higher education including many that call themselves Christian. Many of these have succumbed at this point to the sodomite agenda.

I read of a very well known “Christian” university that hired a staff member in their drama department. Later it was revealed he was a sodomite. When asked about it by a Christian broadcaster, the school official responded, when we hire someone, we are not concerned about their personal life, just their credentials and job performance. So they are not concerned that such a staff member will have a corrupting effect on the student body!

They are certainly not alone in this type of approach to so called Christian higher education. In fact it we need to remind ourselves of what true education is as given to us in the Word of God. Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

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