Mr. Trump: The Glory that was Rome is of Another Day

Phil Jensen


Donald Trump has promised that he will “make America great again.” It is a promise that Trump no doubt believes and it is relatively safe to think that he will endeavor to keep.

Sacking of Rome by Genseric in 455

Sacking of Rome by Genseric in 455

After a half century of involvement in eschatology, prophecy and the decline of our nation, I must emphatically state the Mr. Trump is a day late and a dollar short. The worst of our decline has taken place in the last forty years and the levels to which we have sunk cannot be properly assuaged or coaxed back to our best days, even by a multi-billionaire.

Now Mr. Trump has become America’s entire new Ross Perot candidate on the GOP ballot. Early polls are already indicating that Trump is several points behind Hillary in the general election outcome.

Rick Kriebel 2016


A second dilemma has arisen and can be seen in the Tweets and Facebook comments of Americans who say they cannot vote for Trump as a matter of principle. Some have called for the unifying of the party in an effort to defeat Hillary. Others will not abandon their strong and principled beliefs because they are sure that Trump is not the right man.

Like this writer, they believe Trump means every word he says, but it is all else he says that drive them away from the man. The press calls Trump a phenomenon, but more honestly, he should be called an enigma. He is creating an enigma in Americans who want what he says, but not him.

He will become the GOP’s most hated man in history if Hillary wins and the most hated man among the leftists if he wins. They may show more of their vitriol in tangible ways than they have already. Demonstrations, riots and some say, civil war, could be on the horizon.

Woodrow Wilcox


Some say that it was not so much the electorate that assured Trumps clear path to the nomination of his party, but it was the press. Evidence supports this claim.

The fair and balanced Fox News has become the most unfair and biased news outlet in the media for ratings and America’s attention. The normally verbose and unstoppable O’Reilly became a tongue tied schoolboy in his interviews with Trump and The Five and other Fox commentators refused to ask Trump any serious questions or call him out on his outlandish comments and behavior. It was a love fest, sloppy, unabridged and fully creepy. It has cost Fox in the ratings, rather than provoking trust in the Fox news brand.

The internet’s Drudge, WND, Biz Pac Review and others joined in the brazen bias which helped Trump along, almost daily, until the Indiana primaries.

Endorsements from politicians, celebrities and sports icons picked up the rear to push Donald to the front, all without regard to his shabby treatment of women, grossly bad language and a complete slaughtering of the English language. A complete pass was handed to him for his singular lack of clarity on any policy except the building of a wall and the red light to stop more Muslim refugees from coming to the US.

America may have been made sleepy by the relentless bias of the right news media, but the laws of reciprocation are fully awake and alert. There will be a price to pay for a Trump presidency, an exponentially higher price than the mere cost of the billion or so it took to clinch the nomination. That price will be American instability and will not result in anything that can be remotely referred to as “greatness.”

Like all the nations before her, America is sliding down a slope and no one can charge this nation with being overly receptive to her messengers and prophets. Like all the nations before her, she is riding the grandeur of her former glory while giving little heed to the path of destructive behaviors that are pushing her to the edge of her own demise.

Coming out of the eight year long dark cloud of the Obama Administration, we are set to make the proverbial decision between the lesser of two evils.

We may choose the noise and pomp of Mr. Trump, which in the end may assure the rise of the even less desirable, flaming left wing liberalism of one old school battle-axe known as Hillary Clinton. Either way, the path we entered a generation ago will be little altered by either choice – but why?

Like the un-kept promise of Barack Obama’s red-line drawn in Syria, God has a red line as well. He has never reneged or ignored his own red lines.

“God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?” (Nu 23: 19)

It is no longer a question of whether God will judge America, it is only a question of when, or as Billy Graham often said: if God does not judge America, he will be forced to raise up Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize to them.

America may not believe her prophets, but she will believe the results of ignoring them. Be it prophet or songster, the message is the same. In Tony Bennett’s signature song, written by Mr. Douglass Cross, is this line: “The glory that was Rome, is of another day.”

Declining nations, according to history, rarely ever fully recover; much less do they pull out of deep decline and return to “greatness.” Even if you don’t believe God’s prophets, you can depend on the words made famous in the line from Tony Bennett’s – “I left my Heart in San Francisco.”

God’s redline was crossed about a generation back in America, and no Trump or Clinton has a plan that God accepts to bring it back.

You can open the gates to immigrants and refugees or build a wall to keep them all out, but it will not affect or stay God’s judgment for the 60 million lives snuffed out by Roe and the perversion greenlighted by Obergefell.

Wholesale immorality has blossomed in our nation and the decline is so deep that now we cannot even decide who should be using our women’s and men’s bathrooms. Does this sound like the path to greatness in the minds of anyone whose brain has not yet been frozen by Godless liberalism and the unbridled pursuit of all that is perverse?

The warnings of voices like Wilkerson, Michael Brown or Franklin Graham, or the more obscure voices like that of yours truly, hold some specifics, but even if they are general, the result will not vary.

For my part, the specifics include a powerful nationwide economic crash that will leave our nation reeling. It is approaching at breakneck speed and will be pervasive – no part of the private sector or our government will escape the effects of the coming dirge of poverty and scarcity. It will start during the administration of the next president regardless of who that may be.

We are straining to see what candidate will keep our nation in its former glory or in its nascent idea progress. The effort is futile because our attention should be focused on these two maxims. They are today’s questions and today’s answers, all rolled together and joined at the hip.

One comes from the Bible and according to history has never been altered: “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17)

The other comes from the pen of the songwriter and, accordingly, also cannot be altered: “The Glory that was Rome, is of Another Day.”



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