In the Kingdom of the Squeaky Wheel: ‘Transgenders’ and the Bathroom

Phil Jensen


The number of ‘transgender’ people in the U.S. is said to be about 700,000, but that figure is based on writings from Gary Gates, an LBGT demographer at the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute.  Reckon he has a bias?

restroomHis figure is based on only two surveys, one in Massachusetts from 2007 to 2009 in which 0.5% of respondents 18 to 64 years of age identified as transgender.  The other was from California in 2003, in which 0.1% of respondents claimed that identity.  Even Gates admits that “Using the surveys to get to the 0.3 percent estimate takes a lot of statistical gymnastics.”

Although that number is almost certainly more than doubled, let’s just accept it for the sake of argument.  700,000 people out of more than 320 million; that’s three tenths of one percent of the population of the U.S.  Let that sink in a moment…

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Yet the rest of the 320,000+ Americans must simply throw away all standards of modesty and decency developed through thousands of years of human history in order to accommodate the LGBT (i.e., Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) activists?

In what part of hell does that make any sense, on any level?

If transgenders are having difficulties using public facilities (i.e., “being discriminated against,” apparently the most heinous crime in the human arsenal of wrong-doing), because some women choose to dress, talk and act like men, or because some men choose to dress as women…why is it incumbent on almost the entire population of the country to accommodate their choices?  Why shouldn’t any burdens that accompany their choice fall upon them?  Have we come so far as to say that nobody is responsible for their choices, but that everyone else must jump through hoops because a few people decide to go against nature and want to be something other than what they were born as?

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I don’t care what homosexuals, transgenders, et al, do with their bodies; that’s their choice, and in America we’re free (so far, at least; see me after Hillary becomes president) to do as we please within the limits of the law.  But when a tiny minority of people claim “discrimination” because their choices violate the moral and behavorial standards from all of human history, it seems to me that they, and not the rest of us, should bear the consequences of their choice.

But in the Kingdom of the Squeaky Wheel, where the “victim” is allowed to define discrimination (e.g., anytime blacks get turned down for a job it’s racism, and not due to lack of education or qualifications, the inability to properly speak their native language or to interact with other people without a simmering, barely concealed antagonism, etc.), it appears that majority rule no longer applies.

pq_20160428While the protection of minority rights has always been a major part of the Constitution, where is the supposed “discrimination” here?  Can I “identify” as a five year old and demand that restaurants serve me the kid’s meal?  Can I “identify” as a professional basketball player and sue an NBA team for not hiring me?  Can I “identify” as a supermodel and feel wronged when magazines refuse to put my photo on their cover?  Where does this nonsense stop?

There is no part of the Constitution that protects majority rights, because people in the 18th century never imagined a time when the majority would meekly acquiesce to the wishes of minority “activists” – black, feminist, homosexual, Hispanic or otherwise – who seek to trash the culture developed by Western civilization, allowing what human experience has proven to be fair, sensible and safe for all citizens to be defamed as judgmental, racist,  homophobic or whatever other pejorative term the latest group of squawkers come up with.

You’re a woman but want to look like, dress like, cut your hair like, etc., a man?  Fine, go ahead; but don’t expect the rest of the nation to change its morality or common sense just to make YOU comfortable in public toilets.  Choices come with consequences, that’s simply a fact of life.  You made your choice; like the rest of the country, either live with the consequences or make another choice!

More to the point, of course, is the idiocy of allowing men who “identify” as a woman to use public toilets for women…and teen girls…and female children.  How do we know they’re really homosexual and thus pose no threat to wives, daughters, aunts, etc.?  How will you weed out the perverts and stalkers?  The short answer, of course, is that you can’t.

But again, the real point is this: if you’re a man and you “identify” as a woman, then you’ve freely chosen a whole package of issues and problems, and you should not be able to make the whole nation turn itself inside out to accommodate your choice.  Even Political Correctness must have its limits, and this idiocy is a good place for the sane people of this nation to start saying “No!”



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