Transgender Life, Liberty, and Property

Phil Jensen


By Mason Chandler

On Tuesday, April 19th, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals sided against a Virginia school board for simply protecting its students by not allowing a transgender student who was born female but claims to identify as a male to use the men’s restroom.  What has this Virginia school board done wrong?  Is it not the job of any state to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizens?

transgenderThe Virginia school board has done nothing wrong, and the policy it is operating under is common sense.  It is protecting female students from transgender individuals who were born male, as well as corrupt men who would use a bathroom choice system to violate women, and is also protecting the transgender student in the case.  This board knows that allowing people to use whichever bathroom they want is lunacy.

Rick Kriebel 2016


Texas Senator Ted Cruz said on the Glenn Beck Program, “We shouldn’t be facilitating putting little girls alone in a bathroom with grown, adult men.  That is just a bad, bad, bad idea.”

Sadly, the frontrunners in both major political parties favor allowing people to use any bathroom they want.  Republican Donald J. Trump made his views known Thursday, saying, “People go and they use the bathroom they feel is appropriate.  There has been so little trouble.”  Trump went on to say that he would allow a transgender individual in Trump tower to use whichever restroom they wanted.

Unfortunately, these days political correctness seems to have an upper hand on common sense in the decisions of many of our elected officials.  The political system is more interested in promoting alternative lifestyles than protecting the safety of We the People.

Woodrow Wilcox


The bathroom bill passed by North Carolina is not discriminatory or hateful, it is an essential protection for female citizens and should be adopted in all states.  I hope and pray that Mr. Trump, and all other people who favor bathroom choice, will come to realize the harm that allowing bathroom choice will cause.

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Mason Chandler is a 14 year old who is associated with the Institute on the Constitution.



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