Trump OK with Men in Women’s Bathrooms, Wants to be President?

Phil Jensen


Trump_restroomsIn a video entitled “Trump Surrenders to ‘LGBT’ Bathroom Nonsense”, Donald Trump is heard saying he is fine with those who identify as the opposite sex using the restroom of their choice.

Is this is the man millions of followers are clamoring to give the GOP nomination to?

Is this great confusion in Trump’s mind about genders a preview of what he means by the promise to “Make America great again?

Rick Kriebel 2016


Trump’s choice of ideas is about as stable and promising as his choice of words concerning just about everything and every person, especially those who oppose him.

From the “Evangelicals” supporting Trump to the news outlets and pundits that are paving the way for this man, the call goes out, not just to roll it back, the call is now  – to repent.

There is but one thing that is further apart than the east is from the west: the word statesmen and the name Donald Trump.

Woodrow Wilcox


To Donald Trump and his followers, all that is need to dismiss those he does not like is a derogatory, denigrating or defaming name. It draws immediate attention from the main stream media and now pretty much full attention from the conservative, alternate and internet media as well.

In the absence of real plans to lead the nation, we have a braggart who crushes his opponents with names. It may be true about sticks and stones that break our bones, but the part about “names can never hurt me” has never been true.

In the case of Donald Trump, it is hurting him more than those he chooses to denigrate. His pet habit is part of the reason the GOP elites are so doubtful and it is a strong reason for his high disapproval rating among so many Americans.

Is this the guy to be leading our foreign policy in these troubled times?

Calling his opponents, news people and just about anyone he chooses degrading names can be absorbed by us, but those in the rest of the world have weapons, and armies with which to answer Mr. Trump.

How will world leaders adjust to discourse with a man who wears dark presidential suits, but sounds like a fourth grader the minute he opens his mouth?


Take a look.

Sen. Ted Cruz: A liar

Gov. John Kasich: A nobody

Marco Rubio: Little Marco

Megyn Kelly: A bimbo

Mexican immigrants – (illegal or not) thugs and criminals

While Trump’s favorite appellation is “loser,” it is becoming abundantly apparent that while this candidate seems to be the winner, he may be the biggest loser of all. We too are becoming losers in equal and direct proportion to which we accept Trump’s nonsense without appropriate responses. That response should be a full rejection.

NY Times Upshot feature has compiled a list entitled, “The 210 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List.”

The fourth grade language is replete with terms like:











et al

When will Americans wake up to the fact that they are all merely verbal fodder for Trump’s cannon of disdain and denigration?

Mr. Trump has repeatedly said that we will re-negotiate our trade agreements with countries like China. He places a lot of stock in his ability to make better negotiations. Beside the fact that most trade agreements are conducted by the private sector and not the government, what can we expect? Does Mr. Trump think that a brawling badger with a bad attitude and lots of nasty names for others makes for better negotiations?

When hot spots arise around the world, will the name calling calm the tempers? Is it safe to allow such a man to have his finger on the nuclear button?

In one of my over 30 articles warning America about Donald Trump, I stated that I would name Donald Trump as the single person most likely to start World War Three.

I stand by that statement, now more than ever.

The one and only thing I have in common with Donald Trump is that I too will be held accountable for every word I speak. The only difference is that I know this, but it is more than obvious that Trump does not. To wit:

“But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” (Mt 12: 36-37)

Prolific singer songwriters Cayet Mangiaracina and Gene Pitney penned the famous line, “Hello Mary Lou – goodbye heart.” If Trump succeeds in his bid for the White House, what American songster will write – “Hello Donald Trump – goodbye class? (Or should it be: goodbye to safe women’s bathrooms?)



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