The Answer to Gender Anarchy

Phil Jensen


Anyone objectively viewing the moral landscape of America for the past five decades cannot help but remark at the disaster that has befallen our land. This moral degradation of America is called by the left “liberty and justice” – it is anything but that. It is sexual anarchy. Webster’s 1828 defines anarchy as “Want of government; a state of society, when there is no law or supreme power, or when the laws are not efficient, and individuals do what they please with impunity; political confusion.”

Anarchy is what has overtaken our land not liberty. Our founders understood that liberty is the freedom to obey God’s law not violate God’s law. Look at the issues being argued in many State Legislatures today – so called bath room bills. Some States are protecting citizens from perverts who want to go into the bathroom of the opposite sex – that is they are people who have rejected the identity God gave them at conception. But the agenda is much wider than that, it encompasses a propaganda scheme aimed at vulnerable children.

Linda Harvey writes, “evil leftists as the power-brokers [are] looking to separate children from something essential … to sever American children from their God-designed, biological genders.
The Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU and the National Education Association want schools to become “gender expansive.” These deviants are sucking the life out of young humans, persuading them to embrace delusions and become surgically mutilated at the earliest opportunity… Radicals take the wrecking ball to everything, including human design. But it’s not simply a fight against gender distinctions. It’s a fight against modesty and decency, and the presumption that these are unnecessary is the basis of the pressure to open school restrooms and showers to both sexes.”

Rick Kriebel 2016


All these are but a smoke screen for the real agenda – sexual anarchy, overthrowing God’s Law regarding all aspects of sexual morality. It is apparent from the mile high point of view that this agenda of sexual anarchy is insatiable. At first only small demands were made but then more and more and greater and greater then even more expansive demands are made to the point that it becomes more evident every day that there is no end to their demands that all of us surrender to their agenda.

Now we are told we may not merely tolerate it but that we must be forced to honor and celebrate their perversion. And we must not be permitted to just say that their perversion is okay, or even call it normal, now we must be forced to even say that it as holy and sacred as God’s institution of Holy Matrimony.

Compared to other sins there is something remarkable here. I don’t know of any union of kleptomaniacs who demand they we allow them to freely steal from us all and then relabel their theft as a Holy Sacrament. Nor is there an organization of serial killers insisting that we relabel their crime as Holy, Sacred and good. But it appears that sexual immorality is a sin that is insatiable; enough is never enough for them.

Woodrow Wilcox


anarchyOne of the many attributes of human beings which distinguish us from all other creatures on earth is the dissatisfaction that occurs even when all of our physical needs are fully met. This condition is universal among people regardless of age, race, or wealth. People are not satisfied even when they have all the food, clothing and shelter they need to exist. For the human being there is a longing for something more, a desire that transcends any physical biological stimulus. An objective examination of human beings leads to the conclusion that we are spiritual creatures who long for spiritual satisfaction with as much as, or perhaps even more passion than for physical satisfaction.

Jesus understands our human heart perfectly. That is why what He said 2000 years ago is still relevant today, it still speaks to the longings and yearnings of the human heart.

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