SOS: Speaking of Seniors - ObamaCare Hurting Workers, Businesses

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Cartoon_ObamaCare_FacepalmUnder new rules from Obamacare, if you like your health care reimbursement plan, YOU CANNOT KEEP IT. Healthcare reimbursement plans are gone and fines against businesses that use those to help employees are coming. It might result in many people losing their jobs because of big fines on businesses for helping employees with health care costs.

Under the Obamacare law, the I.R.S. has ruled that employers can no longer reimburse health care costs to employees. Any employer who does that is subject to fines of $100 per day. A fine of 365 days would total $36,500.

The I.R.S. said that it would begin enforcing the rule against health care reimbursement starting July 1 of 2015. Under Obamacare, employers with fewer than 50 employees are not required to offer health insurance. Many small businesses that could not afford to buy insurance for employees offered health reimbursement accounts instead. Now, the I.R.S. will punish and fine small businesses that help their employees with such plans.

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Employees who lose health care reimbursement but are unable to afford to buy health insurance will be forced to pay a fine to the I.R.S. So, under the I.R.S. rule, no small business employees can get health care reimbursement from employers. Some workers will keep their jobs and be fined while other workers might lose their jobs if their employers are fined heavily by the I.R.S. for trying to help employees.

About 16 percent of the small businesses that belong to the National Federation of Independent Business are unaware of the announced I.R.S. plans to fine small businesses that help employees with health care reimbursement plans and have continued to help their employees with health care costs. When the I.R.S. starts demanding payment of fines from these small businesses, some employees may lose their jobs and some businesses may close thus increasing unemployment.

Over half of America’s work force is employed by small businesses.



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