Liberal Restroom Hypocrites

Phil Jensen


transgender_restroom_2There’s just so much hypocrisy and double-dealing from the Left, we’re never at a shortage for material to point it out. It’s only when liberals take it to new and freshly stupefying depths that it becomes worth pointing out once again.

A couple of cases in point are highlighted by the Daily Signal, as Leftist musicians work themselves up into a snit over the fact that in some places, there is still a majority of people who believe in normality and liberty.  Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams have canceled concerts in North Carolina and Mississippi, respectively, because these states didn’t go along with the Leftist sexual agenda.

Earlier this year, North Carolina had the guts and the common sense to do what South Dakota’s “Republican” supermajority legislature couldn’t find it in themselves to do last year: protect the privacy and dignity of South Dakota students in restrooms/locker rooms from the Left’s agenda of sexual anarchy.  The South Dakota legislature managed to find the anatomy to pass a bill this election year, but our lame-duck “Republican” governor vetoed it in favor of the Left’s agenda.

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Mississippi recently had the guts and the common sense to do what South Dakota’s “Republican” supermajority legislature couldn’t manage to do this year or last: protect religious liberty against the attacks of the Leftist homosexual agenda.

But things like protecting religious liberty, as well as protecting women from assaults and invasions of privacy, are outrageous to musicians like Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen and their fellow Leftists.

Apparently, in the minds (using the term loosely) of liberals like Bryan Adams, it’s okay for him to deny service to prospective customers, but not okay for a Christian baker or other Christian business person to deny service to someone engaged in immoral behavior–especially when the service sought would require the business person to render a product or service which affirms and/or legitimizes the immoral behavior.

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Bryan Adams has done exactly what he condemns Christians for doing: denying his services based on a moral judgment. Many Christian business owners do not want to lend credibility to counterfeit marriages by baking wedding cakes for them, providing flowers for them, or allowing such fraudulent events to take place in their facilities. Bryan Adams considers it immoral for a Christian business owner to behave morally, and does not want to render his musical services to the people of a state who don’t want to be forced to participate in immoral acts.

But while Bryan Adams considers himself justified in refusing service on the basis of his (warped) moral judgment, he does so as an act of condemnation of people who do not want to render service on the basis of a moral judgment.  Can you say “hypocrisy”?  I knew you could.

Bryan_Adams_liberal_homosexual_hypocrisy_CrowderDisclosure: Bryan Adams was one of my favorite artists when I was younger (I haven’t liked any of his newer stuff since the mid-1990s), and I’ll continue listening to his old songs when they come up in rotation, though with a little less enthusiasm now.

As for Bruce Springseen’s cancellation of a North Carolina concert because that state requires men to use the men’s room, well, it takes a real idiot to get his panties in a bunch over the assertion that only women should be in the women’s facilities.  You know, something no sane person would have even thought to question 20-30 years ago.

I wonder if Springsteen would be okay with men in the restroom or locker room with his wife. Or perhaps his daughter, especially when she was a minor child.  Somehow (like the liberals who condemn Second Amendment rights while surrounding themselves with armed body guards), I strongly suspect he would not be okay with that.

Disclosure: Springsteen’s liberalism turned me off decades ago, and I haven’t had more than a shallow liking for one or two of his songs during all that time.

When it comes to liberal “thinking,” this is what they were talking about when they came up with the phrase “You can’t make this stuff up.”



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