‘..widely loathed Ted Cruz…’ – How the Media Influences Your Vote

Phil Jensen


As usual, the Leftwing media is dictating the presidential primaries of both major political parties.  The result will again be the nominees whom they want, and the president they want will be elected.

Ted Cruz (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Ted Cruz (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

This is only possible because of the shameful, even if willful, political ignorance of the majority of American citizens.  We don’t know our own history, so we don’t know what it was that made this nation unique, prosperous and powerful.  We don’t know that “politician” is not supposed to be a career, but a brief period in someone’s life during which they serve their country instead of their own personal pursuits and agendas.  We don’t know what our Constitution says, so political hacks in both parties can make sweet-sounding promises to gain our ADHD attention and get us yukking it up and cheering, as if selecting who will be the most powerful person in the world is no more important than an Arsenio Hall show.

Ted Cruz was elected to the U.S. Senate as a Tea Party candidate.  The Republican powers-that-be – long-serving Senators and Congressmen, big-money donors and the Karl Rove-type backroom operators – did all they could to defeat him, just as they did with the other Tea Party candidates (What…you thought it was the Democrats?  See what I mean about your ignorance?).  While they were mostly successful, Cruz overcame their concerted efforts and won.

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That made them dislike him from the get-go.  What really made Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Rove, Boehner, et al, dislike him is that unlike most politicians of both parties, Cruz set about actually doing what he promised he’d do in the Senate campaign.  He opposed ObamaCare while other Republicans in the House and Senate made only token gestures, then supported it.  He opposed giving amnesty to illegal aliens, even as some Republicans (Marco Rubio) authored legislation providing just that.  Again and again, on issue after issue, Cruz fought for the things his constituents elected him to fight for, usually against other Republicans, and what did it get him?

It got him the “loathing” of the smarmy, slimy career politicos like limp-wristed Lindsay Graham, who joked that if someone shot Cruz on the Senate floor they wouldn’t be able to find anyone to testify against the shooter.  Or like McCain, whose corruption and amoral pandering rivals that of any politician in the past 50 years.  Or Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader who (like John Boehner, the GOP Speaker of the House) gave the Democrats everything they wanted with little or no opposition, prompting Cruz to call him a liar on the Senate floor.

Cruz didn’t run for the Senate to be buddies with that pack of rats; he went there to try and change things in Washington, and for that he is, indeed, “widely loathed”…but only by the politicians that have been screwing over Republican voters for decades!  Oh, yeah…and by the media who want to ensure control of the political process – even when the supposedly (but not in reality) “conservative” Republicans control Congress – by those of their own political beliefs.

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You know…liberal, leftist, quasi-socialist (with them always in the good graces, of course, of the  “leaders,” whatever the party).  So Cruz’ faithfulness to his campaign promises (and, unlike the rest of them, to his oath of office!) revealed their hypocrisy and threatened their positions, so naturally they dislike him.  But according to the media, it’s “everybody” who dislikes Ted Cruz, giving the American voters pause.  “Where there’s smoke, there must be fire,” the media have you thinking, which means they win…and we lose…again.

I’m as mad or madder than anyone about the deceit and lies and continual betrayal of politicians who say one thing during campaigns but do another once in office.  But I don’t want a carnival showman, a bored billionaire tired of reality TV and looking for another game to play.  I want a man who has stood by his campaign promises, knowing it would hurt him with his own party.  A man who knows the Constitution like few others in Washington but who, unlike the majority, actually takes seriously his oath of office to support and defend those principles.

When I got to Vietnam in 1968, “everyone” in the unit warned me about a certain Gunnery Sergeant, telling me how everyone hated him and how mean he was.  At age eighteen, I hadn’t yet learned that you can sometimes tell the measure of a man by the character of those who don’t like them, so I just took it as truth, even telling later arrivals the same thing.  But during my 13 months in-country, I never saw him do anything unfair or mean to anyone.  What he did was enforce the rules, and hold us to the high standards of the Marine Corps; in other words, he did his job.  I gradually realized that the dislike for him stemmed from the loafers and shirkers who didn’t like being made to do theirs.

Ted Cruz has earned the “loathing” of exactly the same kind of people, the career politicians in the Republican Party who don’t want to do their jobs but who also don’t want their cushy applecart upset by an outsider.  They don’t really fear a Trump win; they just want to make sure Cruz damages Trump enough so that Hillary’s victory is assured.  What?!  Yes, your political ignorance is showing again: even if Hillary wins, you see, they keep their positions of power in the GOP, and their betrayal goes on as usual.

Their big fear is that Trump supporters will stop screaming long enough to realize he’s just another (but more expensive) empty suit, and switch their support to Cruz.  For if Cruz gets the nomination, even the media can’t assure Hillary the victory, and a Cruz presidency means the GOP establishment is toast.  That’s why they “loathe” him.  The media wants to help them defeat Cruz by continually repeating this “widely loathed” claim because, after all, the GOP establishment offers zero opposition to the agenda of the Democrats…which is the same agenda of 95% of the nation’s media.

Now that you know who it is who really “loathes” Ted Cruz…doesn’t it make you want to vote for him?



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  • Съ нами Богъ!

    The banksters need a war desperately right now. They’ve tried so hard in Syria and it just hasn’t worked. Now they’ve got crazy Trump actually saying we should stay out of the Middle East and focus on our own problems, and people are listening… What’s a self-respecting globalist financier to do?

    Without the US military killing people and breaking things, there is no future growth path for them. So they send their puppets like Kasich and Romney out to talk up the fight against “evil” and threaten Russia and China, hoping to fool those dumb white ‘Murkins one more time into sending their sons off to die for God and Country and Goldman Sachs.

    The IMF Jews are in bed with the Turks and NATO, they are worried about a Trump audit of the Federal Reserve… and about Trump and Putin teaming up to destroy them once and for all… Trump is a vote for peace, and peace does not make money for the weapon industry… The pseudo secular media and their Zionist masters profit from their destabilization policies all over the globe.