Constitution Party Recognized in South Dakota

Phil Jensen


Constitution_3Pierre, SD – Today, South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs announced that a new recognized political party has been formed. The Constitution Party submitted 7,655 valid signatures. The required number of signatures that must be submitted to form a new political party are 6,936 (2.5% of total vote for Governor in 2014: 277,403) (SDCL 12-5-1)

The Secretary of State’s office will be updating in the next couple of days to reflect the new political party formation.

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  • Roy Patterson

    If for some reason the Republicans screw Donald Trump out of the Republican nomination, would you cansider letting him run as a third party candidate with your party????

    • I doubt the Constitution Party would seriously consider Donald Trump as their nominee. Trump’s record of liberalism and constitutional belligerence isn’t even a good fit with the GOP’s platform, and the Constitution Party’s platform is even more conservative than the GOP’s.