Trump Takes but Gives Nothing Back to America: Three Clear Examples

Donald Trump in Iowa (Photo credit: Max Goldberg)

Donald Trump in Iowa (Photo credit: Max Goldberg)

Phil Jensen


It goes without saying that any contributions to Democrats and especially those who support false marriage and abortion do not count as serious philanthropy or benevolent giving. Since Donald Trump has given to those who back these kinds of things, we will not include them for obvious reasons.

The list is larger than all that is included here, but it is these three things that clearly show that Donald is a taker and has felt it is his right to avail himself of other people’s money, property and goods.

We can’t be sure where Trump got his definition of “greatness” but in most circles this kind of self-indulgence does not make anyone “great”

Rick Kriebel 2016


Is this the kind of thing Donald holds up for our future as he carries us toward “greatness?”

  1. Eminent Domain

Trump says he likes eminent domain and the proof is that he has used it for his own gain.

This writer spent years reading the biographies of great men and women and I can say with all certainty, none of them thought that taking other people’s property was a rite of passage or a redeemable method to get gain.

Woodrow Wilcox


More Americans lose because of Donald Trump.

  1. Using the courts to circumvent and beat down those who feel they have been defrauded.

The various lawsuits across the nation against Trump for scamming or denying a return of funds from his “Trump University” have been met with a bevy of lawyers. Trump has clearly stated that he will win. (as in all he ever thought was important) He will use the law to beat the losers into subjection.

He would rather deny a refund to those who trusted him rather than cover their dissatisfaction with his products or services.

Thousands of dollars were lost and faith in Trump was not only wasted, but in an interview with Greta Van Susteren Eric Trump was quoted for saying that it was only a “small thing.”

Yet, more Americans lose because of Donald Trump.

  1. Trump has filed bankruptcy four times – Other “Americans” are left holding the bag

Trump says the law is there for the using and he did nothing wrong. In fact, bankruptcy laws are there to help people who get into trouble, it is not there to cause others trouble and gain at their expense.

Whether it is bankruptcy under reorganization or outright, someone will not get paid for their goods and services, jobs are lost, business declines and people lose big time.

Many more Americans lose because of Donald Trump.

This little list of three items forces the question: is this Trump’s idea of greatness, and is this where he is planning to take America?

If threats were giving, then Donald Trump’s threats to expose Ted Cruz’s wife would be the first instance of Donald’s benevolence.

In these last heated stages of the primary race it is evident that people are grabbing on to any little thing about either candidate, truth notwithstanding.

In every case where Trump called Cruz a liar, if a little research were done, it would be seen that Cruz lied about nothing.

The last lie Donald charged Cruz with is that he and his campaign put up the pictures of Melania Trump posing nude in an airplane. Cruz has emphatically denied it and says it was his super PAC that posted the pictures.

If you are one of the rare people who don’t understand the looseness of the mighty super PACs, it goes like this. They are not connected to anyone’s campaign in either party and operate autonomously and quite on their own. A candidate can ask them to cease running an ad, but in fact, has no power to stop them.

I won’t enter the fray, but I must admit that I come from a generation who could not ever imagine Eleanor Roosevelt, or Nancy Reagan appearing nude in public. Regardless of how these pics got out there, it will be hard for Trump to deal with in or out of the Whitehouse.

It will be pretty hard for the rest of us to deal with it as well. Donald Trump has already shown that dignity, self-composure and protocol don’t mean a thing so it’s all part of the package.

Heidi Cruz may have had a bout with depression, but has not only recovered, but has taken steps to help others who undergo similar conditions. In his book entitled “A Time for Truth” Ted explains the matter and concludes that her job pressures and moving to Texas “led to her facing a period of depression.” She rebounded from her depression and now says: “I want to use it to strengthen people around me and to recognize that we all have rough patches” (Inside Edition Jan 18, 2016)

The only thing that’s different about Melania and Heidi is blatantly apparent. Bouts of depression are involuntary, posing for nude pics is not.

What does it all mean?

Kicking Muslims out of the country, beating China’s trade practices to dust and making the military big, all sound great, but if a man’s record counts for anything in today’s slipping morals and decaying principles, we are all sunk.

Trump has given America nothing to date.  Why is it we are so prone to believe he will give us anything tomorrow?

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  • Thisoldspouse

    It’s amazing what positions Trump has unapologetically stood for, and yet, some conservatives now think he didn’t mean it?

    • Stupid beyond belief. If Trump were part of the political establishment like Boehner or McConnell, there’s no way conservatives would back him with the liberal record he has. But because he’s an “outsider,” we throw our brains to the wind? Un-flippin’-believable. I always knew the Left was dumb as a box of rocks. Apparently our side isn’t much better. God help us.

      • Thisoldspouse

        I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: there is a supernatural component to this. The blatant lack of discernment cannot be explained any other way. Many are being blinded, either by the Enemy or God himself, who will give them over to their perverse lusts so that they can fully reap the consequences without excuse.

      • Thisoldspouse

        By the way, I’m coming to detect a common trait among die-hard Trump supporters. There is not just reasoned disagreement from them, but obscene, unprovoked castigation toward anyone who will not support Trump. This is coming to be a common theme with them. In various “conservative” websites, even mild support of Cruz is shouted down in the most disgusting terms imaginable - you’d think you’re dealing with the Left. Mark Levin, who has not endorsed anyone but merely pointed out inconsistencies with Trumps positions, detailed snarky posts to his website to the level he’s never seen before - all from supposed “conservatives,” but really libertarians.

        I’m appalled at what the conservative movement has become, if these are some of its representatives.