10 Simple Questions for Trump Supporters

Donald Trump in Las Vegas (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Donald Trump in Las Vegas (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Dear Trumpistas:

We love you. Really, we do. You’re so much… fun. Such fun, in fact, that I have a few questions for you. Like:

  1. What are Donald Trump’s core values – besides Donald Trump? (Kindly note that “Make America Great Again” is a campaign slogan, not a core value. Consult your local Merriam-Webster’s if you’re having trouble differentiating between the two.)
  2. Does Donald have any core values?
  3. What sets America and our form of government apart from every other country in the history of the planet? (Hint: it ain’t hero worship or celebrity status. Please see #1 and 2, above. Now think back to around, oh,… September 17,1787 or so…)
  4. When and where has The Donald ever defended the Constitution or any conservative cause or issue? (Attach additional sheets if necessary.)
  5. Has he ever read the Constitution?
  6. Can he spell “Constitution”?
  7. What is Trump’s plan to “Make America Great Again”? Please provide specifics. (Note: “We’re gonna win so much” and “Yuuuuge” are non-responsive responses.)
  8. Just how exactly is he going to get Mexico to pay for that wall?
  9. What the heck does “I should lead because I’m the most popular” mean? Have you unpacked that for a nano-second?
  10. How do you feel about the possibility of Mr. Let’s Make a Deal appointing at least one and possibly three new justices to the U.S. Supreme Court? How would said nominee(s) differ from any that his buddy, Hillary, may appoint?

Did I say “ten”? I fibbed. Here are a couple more:

  • How is a rude, ridiculous misogynist with a head as big as a house, a kindergarten grasp of foreign policy and a resume as thin as an onion skin any different from Bill Clinton or Obama? You really wanna go there?
  • How is The Donald, aka, Hillary Lite, going to beat Hillary?

If these questions are deer-in-the-headlights-ish, then why are you supporting him? Hello?

Snap out of it, peeps. You’re better than this. Especially if you claim to be a constitutional conservative. Wake up. You can start with: What a Trump Nomination Means For Conservatives.


This post first appeared on Kristine’s personal blog, Conservelocity.

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