Obama: Hanging With Communists More Important Than Terrorism

Phil Jensen


Obama_Cuba_callPresident of the United States Barack Obama spent fifty-one seconds on March 22 expressing concerns and condolences related to the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium before heading to a baseball game with Raul Castro during his visit to Cuba.

Thirty-six words that demonstrate how the world has turned upside down.

A massive attack by followers of Islamic State right in the heart of the European Union draws less than a minute of the President’s time, relegating it to a minor nuisance.  French President François Hollande, who’s country suffered an even more deadly ghastly attack declared that, “all of Europe is at war.” Yet, the former leader of the free world could barely be bothered.  He had a ball game to attend with his new best buddy.

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A best buddy whose cruel regime has brutally oppressed any and all political opposition since before John F. Kennedy became President.  A regime that record numbers are fleeing still to this day in a quest to get out from under the iron hand of Castro and to freedom in the United States.

A best buddy who Obama is too busy receiving criticism from and watching a ballgame to do his job.

Here in President Obama’s own words is his characterization of Castro’s criticisms of the U.S. and Obama’s stirring defense, “President Castro, I think, has pointed out that in his view making sure that everybody is getting a decent education or health care has basic security and old age, that those things are human rights as well.  I personally would not disagree with him.”

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Apparently, Obama doesn’t realize that Americans get Social Security when they retire while the average Cuban in 2014 earned $20 a month.  That’s right, a whopping $20 a month or sixty-seven cents a day.  Yet, Obama agreed with Castro’s attack that the United States is somehow deficient in helping the disadvantaged.

It seems to be lost on Obama that the federal government in the United States spends $108 billion on education when combined with state and local governments spending the total climbs to $550 billion a year, or an average of $10,658 per elementary and secondary level student.  If Obama believes that American school children are being cheated, then he should have a talk with his other buddies at the teacher’s unions.

Of course in Cuba the state dictates what degrees and training that people should receive based upon their estimates of what the job needs in the communist state are anticipated to be.  No need for a kid to follow his or her dream of being a teacher if there is perceived to be a surplus of teachers in the pipeline, I’m sure that person will be just as satisfied being a plumber.

For those who have been paying attention over the past seven years, it should come as no surprise that Obama envies dictators like the Castro brothers who control the means of production, kill their enemies, and decide how resources should be allocated regardless of the desire of their own people. This totalitarian impulse was glimpsed once again when Obama whined about the difficulty of working with Congress to impose his will.

So there we have it, once again America finds itself with President Obama limply ceding the moral high ground to some of the world’s most ruthless dictators.

I guess it would have been foolish to expect the U.S. President to make a strong statement and spend real time with advisors while working the phones to those world leaders showing support when the unofficial capital of the European Union came under attack, when that same President can’t be bothered to rhetorically defend the country that pays his salary.

After all, there was a ball game to watch.

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