Christ is Immutable and the Government is Upon His Shoulders

Phil Jensen


Blackstone_natural_law_Liberty_CounselThis week I had the opportunity to speak with two very different audiences. The first was in Annapolis where I testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the subject of our God-given right to carry firearms which is denied by our State “government.” I pointed out to them aspects of the Maryland State Constitution which require them, by the oath they have taken before Almighty God, to pass legislation that secures our right to carry.

Others, of the 500 who testified, spoke of the 2nd Amendment and many other reasons they should do so. While there are a few patriots on that committee, the chairman and the majority are opposed to securing our God-given rights in this matter. Their ears were deaf to our statements, their hearts cold to our appeals. They cared nothing for what the U.S. Constitution says, nor what the Maryland Constitution requires of them, let alone what Jesus Christ commands us, His disciples, in Luke 22:36, where He told them to buy a sword – that is a military-grade weapon for the purposes of self defense.

I have no illusions about the chairman and committee. The chairman will probably just put those gun bills in the drawer and that committee will never even vote on them, but I went to be a witness to him and the members of that committee so when they stand before their judge and maker at the great white throne judgment, they will not be able to say their punishment is unjust. They will not be able to say no one ever warned them. Our Lord will remind them that they were warned, that they were told about their violations of their oath to obey both the U.S. and Maryland Constitutions.

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Now the second group I spoke to was up in Gettysburg. A wonderful group of patriots that I have spoken to several other times, but on this occasion I had a difficult message to present to them: I spoke on the two lies contained in the pledge of allegiance (one nation and indivisible). In truth, we are 50 States, not one and we are divisible. These are difficult truths to convey and they listened patiently, respectfully and thoughtfully, in contrast to my experience earlier this week in Annapolis.

I pondered the reason for the difference between these two audiences. We might suppose that arrogance and pride play into that contrast, and certainly power has a role, but I think the biggest difference in those two audiences was how they answered this question: where does Law come from? For the first group in Annapolis, the politicians believe that law comes whenever they spill ink on paper. They believe as State legislators they not only make law, they are the source of law. There is no authority higher than themselves. Should they decree that the sun should not shine on Wednesday each week, well the Sun better submit to their commands.

You say that is over the top? Well consider what they have already done: they have decreed that they are they one’s who define and control God’s holy institution of marriage. If they decree that two men can marry, why not a man and a horse? Marriage, which is integral part of the moral laws of the universe they believe is subject to their control and indeed to their redefinition. When you examine that idea rationally, you can see that only a lunatic would hold such a belief. Well indeed we have let them out of the asylum and they now inhabit the highest circles of power both at the State and federal level.

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Now for the second group in Gettysburg, the blessing is that most of the audience holds to the Biblical view that God is the source of all law. That when our Founders spoke of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God they were referring to the Bible–God’s written revelation to mankind of His Law and His Will which are immutable. Just as no man can alter the physical laws of the universe, no man can alter the moral laws either. As we would rightly label someone a lunatic who believed they had magical powers that when they spilled ink on paper their actions actually changed the physical laws of the universe, so we would rightly label them the same if they believed they had powers to alter the moral laws of the universe.  The issue of where law comes from was actually what underlies the events of that very first Palm Sunday. We have already read the Matthew 21 account of that day in our responsive reading.

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