Trump Proves He is Not a Republican

Phil Jensen


Trump_DemocratAre you a conservative or a Republican who’s thinking of supporting Donald Trump? Would you consider supporting a Democrat instead?  If not, why not?

After all, Donald Trump has told us he’s a Democrat in many of his policy leanings…as if the huge donations he’s given to fund the elections of many Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid didn’t tell us enough. He says Republicans (and we know how many RINO sellouts there are in the Republican Party) are “too crazy Right.”

Donald Trump has told us he supports socialized health care, government health care.  Wasn’t that a Democrat position?  Wasn’t that what the fight against ObamaCare was about?

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Donald Trump has told us he likes a $5.7 TRILLION tax.  I thought Democrats were in favor of big taxes.

Donald Trump has told us he’s not too keen on guns. Doesn’t that sound like a Democrat?

Donald Trump has told us he is “very pro-choice” in every respect, and would not ban partial birth abortion.  Doesn’t that sound like a Democrat?

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Donald Trump has told us Hillary Clinton is the best person to negotiate a deal with Iran.  When has any sane Republican ever thought Hillary Clinton was good at anything except negotiating away American security and liberty?

Donald Trump has told us he is “very impressed” with ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi.

Donald Trump has told us he would have like to see President George W. Bush impeached (how about multiple-Constitution-trashing Barack Obama).  Doesn’t that sound like a rabid Democrat?

Donald Trump has praised the massively wasteful stimulus spending under Barack Obama.

Donald Trump has told us he thinks eminent domain is a “wonderful thing.” You know, that thing that government should very reluctantly do only when absolutely necessary to benefit the entire public with massive infrastructure projects…rather than the kind that feathers the nest of private developers and their crony politician buddies who exercise eminent domain to clear the pathway for private business expansion.

Donald Trump has told us he is sympathetic to illegal aliens who have violated our borders and broken our laws. Does that sound like a Democrat?

If you claim to be against the Obama agenda, if you claim to be against the things the RINO establishment has sold us out to, how can you possibly put a shred of intelligent, informed faith in Donald Trump?

Despite the recent rhetoric, the RECORD shows that support for Donald Trump is support for the Obama and RINO agenda.

We already have far too many RINOs in Washington D.C., don’t we?  We don’t need another one, especially not in the White House, do we? I wouldn’t vote for a RINO from within the establishment; why should I vote for a RINO from outside the political establishment. The problem isn’t whether one is “establishment” or not; the problem is whether they’re a RINO or not.

If you’re a conservative or a Republican, maybe you should take a good look at the records of the candidates (not what they say–talk is cheap), but their RECORDS, then vote for a real Republican.

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Posted by Defend Freedom on Saturday, January 23, 2016

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