Donald Trump: The Cringe-Worthy Candidate


“Paul Ryan called me, tremendous call…I spoke with Mitch McConnell today, we had a great conversation. The fact is, we have to bring our party together.” – Donald Trump

He’s the unprincipled populist. The Johnny-come-lately whose lack of Constitutional principles are only outshined by his lack of Biblical principles. He is a deal maker and an agitator. He may very well be Hillary’s golden ticket.

“Fall for anything” should be his campaign slogan. He is a white-washed, big-government moderate disguised as an everyman’s blank slate.

Ted Cruz 2016


He is ‘the Donald,’ and he may be one of the biggest train wrecks to (possibly) secure a Republican presidential nomination.  Not only will he embrace the GOP Establishment, he may very well bury it! If we don’t come to our senses and quick, we may never take back this country.

The remedies are God and Conservatism. Our hearts and our minds must give way to grace and reason. We can only truly be valued as part of a greater created whole.

Love and mercy can never thrive when politically manufactured and mandated. An educated electorate would never knowingly and willingly support a Marxist form of oligarchy rule. These are merely the actions and motivations of a seduced majority. Fortunately, we have the very wise Ben Shapiro to set the record straight

Woodrow Wilcox


“Trump, obviously, is no conservative. He’s a protectionist on trade — a position that smacks of populist pandering rather than informed conservative economics. He believes in an authoritarian executive branch designed to make deals that achieve a win for Americans, rather than a heavily circumscribed executive branch with prescribed powers of enforcement. He believes that judges sign bills, that legislators exist merely to bargain with the great man in charge and that the military exists to serve as his personal armed forces. All of this attracts people.

“The angrier Trump gets, the more he talks about how he’s going to set things right rather than giving Americans the power to do so themselves, and the more Americans flock to him.”

The early indicators reflect that head to head Clinton beats Trump. Personally, I just don’t get Trump or his mass appeal. I think Trump will ultimately help Clinton.

There needs to be a contrast. A clear ideological distinction needs to be made. It should be made on a big stage so the radical fringe can give way to a moral and lawful American majority.

This is the bottom line (and I mean this from the bottom of my heart), candidate Cruz is almost a freakish accident in how he slipped through our manipulated, we-the-people-deprived political system to even get to this point. But here he is! If we let him get away it will be a bitter pill. If he somehow disappoints once he gets in, we can live with it. But for us Republican voters to reject him for an unhinged, issues-challenged, wildcard like Trump would be unfathomable!

The fix may be in. Kasich (Plan A), Romney (Plan B), Trump (Plan C), the Establishment and the GOP convention are all major players.

The true target is Cruz. He (and We Conservatives) are on the outside. It feels like here is where we will perpetually remain.

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