Practical Reasons Why Transgender Policies Are Bad

Phil Jensen


transgenderThe video below details over the course of 23 minutes, the multiple examples where sexual predators have exploited misguided (at best) transgender policies that allow men to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

You may consider a 23 minute video too long to take the time to watch, but you owe it to yourself to understand the truth of an issue, and you owe it to the society in which you live to be a responsible, informed citizen who helps shape public policy in our representative democracy.

These cases demonstrate how policies which humor sexually confused people can be used by evil people to violate the privacy and persons of women and young girls. These cases also demonstrate the deadly consequences of a morally derelict and criminally negligent society which refuses to grapple with the need for treatment of some people who are profoundly confused about their sex and their sexuality.  Society’s failure to uphold a standard of reality has often lead to the devastating sexual assault of women and young girls, and, yes, the brutal murder of many also.

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Yet instead of correcting these failures, our society is progressively growing worse, descending further into a culture which pretends that feelings trump facts, that delusion trumps reality.  It is being done under the auspices of being “compassionate” to a tiny number of people within our society who cannot accept the obvious reality of their masculinity or femininity.

Of course, there’s an easy solution to all this.

It’s the same one we’ve always had in the United States: one set of restrooms/locker rooms for males, one set of restrooms/locker rooms for females, and treatment for people who have difficulty coming to terms with their own sex. This acknowledges the biological and scientific reality that males and females are different in their intimate anatomy, protects the dignity and privacy of women and men, and protects people from exploitation, victimization and crimes against their private persons.

Woodrow Wilcox


People who are so confused about their sex that they have difficulty accepting the reality made obvious to them between their legs need help to come to terms with reality.  They do NOT need to be coddled or humored by those who should know better, having their unhealthy delusion affirmed by others who can see that the assertion of the confused person does not match with reality.

If someone tried to pass off a banana to you as tomato, you wouldn’t go along with it, would you?  If a quadriplegic person represented themselves to you as a fireman, you wouldn’t go along with it, would you? If an accountant who clearly had no accounting training and certification presented themselves to you as an accountant, you wouldn’t go along with it, would you?  If someone presented a gum wrapper to you in payment for something they owed you, you wouldn’t go along with it, would you?

Then why would you go along with the claim of a man trying to present himself as a woman, or vice versa?

Good people, people who understand right from wrong, have for too long allowed themselves to be intimidated into silence and inaction by a vociferous, lying, malevolent Left.  Don’t be a coward like South Dakota’s “Republican” governor who capitulated to Leftist sexual anarchists and vetoed a more-than-reasonable transgender policy that protected our state’s students.

We need to stop being cowards and stand unwaveringly against the Left’s agenda of sexual anarchy. If not for the sake of what is right and moral, then certainly for the sake of the welfare of the females of our society.

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  • As a transgender woman, I’m just as disgusted as anyone else with the people featured in the video, but If I were to make a counter-video of all the female teachers that have had sexual relations with or raped their students it would be the exact same thing that was done here with transgender people. Should we ban all of the female teachers from the schools? Should we make a video of all the lesbians that have beat their partners and proclaim this is what lesbians really are?

    • Your attempt at an analogy breaks down because while there is something morally, scientifically and practically wrong with a man pretending to be a woman or vice versa, there is nothing morally, scientifically or practically wrong with being a female teacher.

      As I pointed out, the obvious solution to protect females in our society is to continue doing what we have done for virtually all of our nation’s history: have separate restroom/locker room facilities for males and females that acknowledge the scientific and biological reality of the differences between the sexes.

      • Great. We’ll skip the science debate as to whether I exist and both agree that everyone needs protection. You’re of course advocating for the protection of women and children: what’s being done to protect me? What’s being done to create those third bathrooms? Who’s working to change the building codes to make that happen? As a transgender woman who’s legally a female, I have absolutely no desire to be in a bathroom with cisgender women, or their children. I want my own bathroom. And I want something equal. Who’s willing to make that happen? The ADA gave a small percentage of Americans in wheelchairs huge protections and access to public spaces. Where’s mine?

        • DCM7

          “science debate as to whether I exist” — Strawman alert!

          “As a transgender woman who’s legally a female, I have absolutely no desire to be in a bathroom with cisgender women. I want my own bathroom.”
          You’re basically demanding that the rest of the world conform to you, rather than you conforming to reality. That’s the root problem right there. Neither you nor anyone else have the right to make such a demand.

        • There is no scientific debate as to whether you exist. There is also no scientific debate as to what sex you are. If you were born with a penis and/or were born genetically male, then you are a male; that is simple, incontrovertible science. If you were born with a vagina an/or born genetically female, then you are a female; that is simple, incontrovertible science. That is reality.

          If you want to be protected, then behave according to the sex you were born as. It’s simple. No extra bathrooms need to be created to accommodate your confusion. If you need help dealing with realty, I urge you to seek professional help to assist you in coming to terms with your scientific sex.

          In a healthy society, we help atypical people adjust to reality and conform as close to reality as possible. A healthy society does not demand that healthy, well-adjusted people pretend that the abnormal is normal, or that reality isn’t reality. We should all want a healthy society, not one that denies scientific and practical reality.

          • If there’s no science behind in who I am then why would I now have a female birth certificate?

            I’m a decorated military veteran and Army retiree: do I not deserve a safe place to go to the bathroom in the nation I served?

            • There is plenty of science behind what sex you are. Were you born with a penis? Then you’re a man, regardless of whatever mutilations you may perform to your body or whatever fraudulent documents you may persuade the morally and intellectually weak to provide for you.

              If you are genetically a man, then act like one and use the men’s facilities. If you are having difficulty adjusting to the reality that you are a man, then please seek assistance in accepting reality. Society is under no obligation whatsoever to accommodate your dysphoria or to humor you in any illusions you may have.

              • Chad Parker Pitts

                The issue is that society created gender (man/woman). It does not exist in the animal kingdom. We do not say “the man lion”. Gender was created by us and then used stereotypes of masculinity and femininity to put people into boxes based on their sex assigned at birth (which is biological). What is not biological is someones gender (man/woman) and whether or not they are masculine or feminine.

                So asking someone to be masculine and a man because they were born male is asking someone to conform to an identity that they are not. As a society we do this to make ourselves feel better because we fit in the box and are never challenged. We dont realize how damaging this is to people who are different than us, and we tend to not care because it does not affect us.

                So should we have restrooms based off of sex? Meaning biological parts…if so people like you will have to pee next to a woman…and females will have to pee next to men.

                So what is better? Should our restrooms be sex or gender based? I will opt for gender based…where I can pee next to someone who looks the same as I do. I could care less if they really have a vagina, if they present as a man…use the mens room and vice versa. This is not complicated.

                As for your healthy society comment…a healthy society embraces others who are different and learns from them…a healthy society does not make people conform. If we did this we would never get ANYWHERE (and is in part why we are failing as a country). We need different perspectives and ideas to move forward.

                Bottom line is Everyone deserves a safe place to use the restroom. And if people like you cant get over your stereotypical bigot views then we will need separate bathrooms to protect people from people like you…Food for thought..Be part of the solution, not the problem.

              • The Creator of all life, human and animal, created them male and female. To show the distinct difference between humans and animals (animals do not have higher intelligence or a soul), we refer to males as men and females as women. Of course, as young children are learning, they often refer to male and female animals as, for example, “boy dogs and girl dogs” which again illustrates the acknowledgement of distinctive and different sexes.

                Our creator also created males and females, both human and animal, with different talents, abilities, and inclinations. Once again, to deny these scientifically documented differences is to deny reality just as surely as it denies reality to look at a penis between your legs and claim you are not a man.

                A man does not have to go out of his way to be “masculine”; he only needs to come to terms with and form to the proper mode of operation for his male sex. Just as the design of a hammer makes its proper function clear, so the design of a man (or a woman, for that matter) makes the function clear. A man doesn’t have to play football or go hunting every weekend (I haven’t played football since grade school-and didn’t care much for it even then-and I haven’t been hunting in close to 30 years, but my wife will attest to the fact that I’m as male as anyone else. I don’t think my wife was much into dolls as a child, and wears no makeup and little jewelry, yet I can attest that she’s 100% woman. No one needs to put on an act with regard to one’s sex; one only needs to behave in accordance with their scientific and biological sex to function in a healthy manner.

                We have separate restrooms and locker rooms for reasons that are obvious to rational people (even children). Intimate body functions are performed in such places, usually in a state of undress surrounding the male and female sex organs and other areas of the body. Because sex and sexuality are sacred things (i.e. the are incredibly intimate, and they are not only the primary connecting points of deep emotional intimacy between men and women but are the instruments for the creation of new human life), healthy, well-adjusted people do not display intimate areas of their bodies publicly, especially with the opposite sex.


                If you still don’t understand the importance of this, I suggest you watch the video again. And if necessary, again and again until what is obvious to the overwhelming majority of rational human beings becomes clear to you.

                Ours was once a healthy society that did embrace differences…and recognized the sacred distinctions of those differences, and showed them the proper honor of protecting males and females during the exposure of intimate areas of their body.

                You’re right that everyone deserves a safe place to use the restroom. Allowing men to use the female facilities is a gross and unnecessary violation of that, as this video illustrates in painful and shameful detail.

                By all means: be part of the solution, not the problem. Acknowledge the reality that men and women have important differences, and that those differences deserve to be treated with the dignity that their sacredness merits. Join healthy people in opposing a reckless, politically-correct agenda that undermines the sacred differences between men and woman, and jeopardizes the privacy and safety of women.

              • Chad Parker Pitts

                You are correct WE started labeling males men and females women. Other societies have third genders, Hijira, Two spirit, and many others. Educate yourself on that…

                “he only needs to come to terms with and conform to the proper mode of operation for his male sex.”

                This comment is exactly the problem. You want everyone to conform to what you think is appropriate…not everyone fits into that mold.

              • We didn’t “start labeling males men and females women.” That’s what we have been since the beginning. It is a simple acknowledgment of a biological, scientific reality.

                Rational, healthy people expect others to conform to empirical scientific reality. Everyone “fits into that mold,” being either male or female. Refusing to conform to reality is a sign of mental illness.

              • DCM7

                Your entire post could be summed up as “one’s actual physical sex is far less meaningful than the sex they think (or imagine) they are, and if you don’t completely go along with that you’re a bigot.”

                Basically, you’re making a labored attempt to rationalize around clear, simple reality. It takes some effort and intelligence to do that — effort and intelligence that would be far better put toward working with reality instead of trying to work around it.

            • Thisoldspouse

              If, as someone else has now attempted, you think you are also a 6-year-old little girl, should society accommodate you in that delusion as well?

              • Or a fireman? Or a goose? Or a cucumber? Or a doctor? Or a Martian?

              • Thisoldspouse

                I’ve always pictured myself as filthy rich. Can I get the government to accommodate my “identity?”

              • In my mind, I’ve always been rich, handsome and powerful. And now I expect everyone to play along with me, or their bigots!

            • Science has nothing to do with your birth certificate, it’s a piece of paper that proves you were born, where, and what sex - if you were born male, then regardless of your “feelings”, no one should have issued you a new birth certificate saying you are female.

              I can honestly say thank you for serving this country - at the same time what gives you the idea that because you served and “feel” like you are the opposite sex you were born as that this country should cough up millions of dollars to pay for a third set of restrooms for people like you?

              Then are we to have transgender restrooms for the trans men, and then another 2 sets for homosexual men and lesbians?

              Do you see how absurd this is?

              While we are talking about “deserving” - what about all those who do not receive adequate care as military veterans? They are much more deserving (and should get!) of receiving needed simple medical care then the taxpayer forking out millions for completely unneeded restrooms.

              Whatever sex a person was born as, then that is the restroom they should be using - period.

              • You’re absolutely right about military health care costs. And we can start by cutting off all those Viagra prescriptions the taxpayers are funding.

              • Thisoldspouse

                I don’t think you will get any opposition to that proposal. Enabling sex is NOT health.

    • DCM7

      Ah, yes, the old “other people do bad things, so those like me (or that I’m defending) must automatically be OK” fallacy.

  • Here’s my response to you Mr. Ellis. I’ve made a list of 25 female teachers that recently molested children in school or had sex with them. You obviously have no problem with claiming the folks in the video you posted represent the transgender community, so feel free to also claim that these pervert teachers represent women and teachers in general also. I dare you.

    • There are somewhere around 3.7 million teachers in the U.S., approx. 76% of which are female, or about 2.8 million female teachers.

      You’re making it more and more obvious by the minute that you’re reality-challenged, but even you should be able to come to terms with the fact that 25 out of 2.8 million is an extremely small number.

      Besides, if you had really watched the video (or at least watched it and came to terms with the reality of its content), you’d recognize that the author of the video made extremely clear that they weren’t claiming that the criminal activity displayed in the video was representative of the transgender community.

      In fact, I also took considerable measure to point out that, while there is no reason for a healthy society to ignore reality, from a practical standpoint, the greatest threat posed to the women of our society through these misguided transgender policies is that it provides an avenue that can be exploited to victimize women and girls.

      There is no reason to provide such an avenue, because there is no reason a healthy society should be humoring a person who obviously has difficulty coming to terms with reality. A healthy society should instead be helping the confused person come to terms with reality.

      • I’m challenged? This video is filled with transgender women and the authors claim it’s not targeting the transgender community? It even uses a young transgender high school girl that’s committed no crime whatsoever. Seriously?

        Here’s another challenge for you. As I said, I don’t like being in the female bathroom. And I also can’t be in the male bathroom as a transgender female. Your own website clearly demonstrates the level of hate that people like me face from men. So every time you get a business or some other type of entity to create and provide a gender-neutral bathroom, then I self-deport out of the female restroom. That’s my promise to you.

        • Yes, you’re seriously reality-challenged on multiple subjects. You’ve made that abundantly clear. That’s not uncommon for liberals; liberals tend to loathe many aspects of reality, and rather than adjust to reality and make the most of things, they like to pretend that reality isn’t so-and insist everyone else join them in fantasyland.

          If you were biologically and scientifically born a male, use the male facilities. If you were biologically and scientifically born a female, use the female facilities. It really isn’t difficult, once you grow up, get healthy and come to terms with reality.

          My website doesn’t demonstrate any hate toward you. My website demonstrates a reality that you hate, which you therefore project back on the people who remind you that feelings fact.

          Please, do yourself and society a favor, and seek some help so that you can come to terms with reality.

        • DCM7

          “the level of hate that people like me face”
          I have no doubt that, in your situation, you face a lot of hate and other difficulties. That much is indisputable. I wouldn’t wish your situation on anyone.
          The problem is, essentially, that you’re asking the wrong question. You should be asking “What is the right way for me to address my situation?” Instead you’re effectively asking “What will make things the easiest for me in my situation?” You may think, implicitly, that the answer to the second serves as the answer to the first, but in fact the questions have very different answers. And if you’re asking the wrong question, you’re not going to get the right answer.

          • Thisoldspouse

            Excellent response. It’s important to know that people incur overly harsh treatment from society unfairly, but it’s also important to know how someone’s conduct plays into their “victimhood.” If I went out in public and stuffed food into my ears under the claimed pretense that I am eating, I wouldn’t be “harming” anyone else, but I would invoke a lot of horrified stares and muted whispers, and would likely be asked to leave many restaurants where I tried that.

            It’s no different from those who claim to be a different sex. Does my penchant for eating through my ears require the government or insurance companies to pay for the surgical rerouting of my esophagus to my aural canals?

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