Socialism is Killer-and Not in a Good Way

Phil Jensen


Obama_liberalism_MarxismBetween the end of the Cold War with Communism 25 years ago, and an education system in this country that is at best extremely derelict in educating Americans in the basic tenets of their heritage of liberty (in all likelihood is simply pro-Marxist), most young people today do not understand what socialism is (and most of the older ones have forgotten that what they now perceive as a pet snake actually bites with a deadly venom).

Socialism is not being “social” and chatting with friends.

Socialism is not being “socially” responsible.

Rick Kriebel 2016


Socialism is the intermediate form of communism in the Marxist march toward totalitarianism. Socialism and communism are both variations of the same corrupt and morally bankrupt philosophy foisted onto the world by Karl Marx; they are both variations of Marxism.  Like different forms of cancer, none are good; some will just kill you quicker than others.  Marxism isn’t satisfied with just a little government coercion and force to pressure you into surrendering your property to the state; Marxism ultimately will settle for nothing less than complete control of every aspect of your life.

It is the antithesis of the American way of life.

Remember, despite the outright lies and propaganda of our negligent and wayward education system and pop culture, socialism is what Nazi Germany suffered under.  Do you know what the Nazi Party was, in English?  The National Socialist Party.  Socialism is nice, huh?  Only cost several million people their lives in the course of a decade or so.

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If you’d like to know more–a lot more–about how “nice” Marxism is, I highly recommend The Black Book of Communism which details the 100 million or so human beings dead at the hands of the Marxist philosophy. There’s a copy of it on the shelf of my personal library right now.

In the meantime, allow Matt Kibbe (video below) to briefly recount a few of the tens of millions of people who have lost their lives basking under the bliss of the glorious socialist utopia throughout the world.

Then, if you have a shred of moral or intellectual integrity, dedicate your life as I have to doing everything you can to stop the insane human infatuation with this plague on the modern world.

I was there in Europe when freedom-loving people stood against Marxist oppression, and finally brought down the Berlin Wall.  I saw the adulation of the European community at seeing their Eastern European neighbors finally be free after decades of oppression.  I was there to be thanked by Europeans for being an American GI who played a tiny part in bringing that brutal tyranny to an end.

But that evil didn’t go away. It just went underground, and changed it’s stripes.  And now it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing here in America, and is on the verge of doing to us what we were once smart enough to never allow the guns of open communism to do to us: take away our freedom.

Resolve to reverse it, my fellow Americans. You owe it to yourselves and your posterity.  Preserve our heritage of freedom.

Kibbe: Socialism KillsDemocratic socialism may seem like the cool new thing on the street, but as Matt Kibbe explains, it comes with a cost: millions of lives.

Posted by Conservative Review on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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