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Ted_Cruz_CPAC_2016On March 2 through 4, I attended the Conservative Political Action Conference in the Washington area. In the past, I have attended similar liberal events. I attend to meet and listen to political people to learn if they know anything about senior citizen issues and, if not, to educate them.

On March 3, I got frustrated about meeting very few people who understood the problems and issues of seniors. So, I turned the tables on attendees and reporters at the event.

“Hey, would you like to hear how Obama policies and Obamacare have hurt senior citizens by billions of dollars? I can explain it,” I asked reporters at the event. The result was that I was interviewed eight times in two days by reporters representing various news or talk show outlets.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the professional and polite interview of POLITICO reporter Beatrice Peterson. I was especially offended by the quick and gruff treatment I got from a CBS News reporter. She was not interested in learning or reporting anything about how Obama policies and Obamacare had hurt seniors. About an hour later, I saw the same CBS News reporter interviewing anyone and everyone who wanted to say something bad about Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

Many people don’t realize that major news media are owned, controlled, or influenced by big corporations that make lots of money doing business with government at the federal, state, or local level. These big businesses don’t like any political leader who wants to reduce the size of government or change government policies that help the big businesses make money. General Electric owns, controls, or has a major stake in NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC. The Westinghouse corporation used to own CBS. I believe that there is still and “old friends” network between Westinghouse and the media company that now owns CBS.

Reporters and editors of a news media outlet that is owned, controlled, or influenced by a government industry contractor will ignore or slant news that might hurt the government contractor or help the political enemies of that contractor. The public thinks that it is getting “the news”. But, it is really getting a version of “the news” that protects and benefits big government money interests.

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In my public lectures about how the Medicare system causes problems for seniors that cost seniors over a billion dollars per year, I note that the government industry contractors make billions with the Medicare system and they don’t want that to change. The government industry contractors and government bureaucrats who make billions of dollars per year don’t seem to care about seniors being wrongfully billed over a billion dollars per year.

In some of the interviews at CPAC 2016, the reporter or host of the show would ask me which candidates I liked. I responded that I was attending the event just to discuss senior citizen issues and not endorse candidates. But, one clever interviewer responded with this reasoning and question.

“Okay, you’re a Democrat and a former labor union organizing guy. But, it is obvious that you really care about seniors and that political parties don’t matter much to you. So, which candidates do you think care about seniors and America’s working people the most?”

“Donald Trump and Ted Cruz,” I responded. “In fact, I think that would be a winning team for the Republicans. Here are some reasons. Both those candidates have connected with blue collar workers more than any other candidates – Republican or Democrat. Both of them are hated by the Washington elitist establishment. Both of them will be attacked, but both men are quite capable to defend themselves in the media. The elitists may hate them but working people love them. Donald Trump’s treatment of people is well documented by the show “The Apprentice”. People know that he does not treat people differently simply because of race or religion. That is why the recent CNN attempt to paint him as a racist failed.”

The host let me continue my line of reasoning.

“For the first time since Ronald Reagan ran, the Republicans have presidential candidates that connect with working people who usually vote for Democrats. Ted Cruz would win Texas. Trump and Cruz together could win Florida. Chris Christie could help Trump with New Jersey. I’m from the Midwest and I believe that a Trump – Cruz ticket would win Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Ted Cruz is very religious but Donald Trump is not. That is a good balance on a ticket. It signals to voters that the test of good citizenship under this team will be our constitution and laws and not a religious creed.”

The radio show host smiled and complimented me for having some very sharp political reasoning. Then, he closed the show.

There is one thing that I did not have time to mention. I believe that these men – Trump and Cruz — would be willing to listen to me and what I have to tell them about how Obama’s policies and the Obamacare law have hurt senior citizens by billions of dollars. President Obama and that CBS News reporter don’t want to hear what I have been telling people for years. I believe that they don’t want to listen to me about seniors’ problems with government programs and policies because they care more about the special money interests that profit from those government programs and policies. I care about seniors and they don’t. They have big government special interests to protect.


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