Transgender Policies are Misguided: Nine Reasons Why

transgender_restroomBy D.J. Espinosa 

The enforcement of transgender policies:

  1. MANDATES visual rape;
    They grant biological males entry into female-only facilities without female consent. It is VISUAL rape to which no biological female (nor her parents, if she is a minor enrolled in public school) can object.
  2. IGNORES fact;
    It equates gender (which involves identity) with sex (which involves anatomy).
  3. SILENCES opponents;
    Those who object are often ridiculed (feel free to read their stories online). While silencing anyone is problematic, robbing females of their ability to say no to male intrusion favors male rights over female rights.
  4. GRANTS a nonexistent civil right;
    There are no Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, federal laws, or rulings issued by the U.S Supreme Court granting members of the transgendered community civil rights protection.
  5. UNDERMINES Federal law;
    Consider Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 which states that “no person … shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” Sex and sex-segregated activities are protected – gender is not. Depriving biological females of their right to use sex-segregated facilities solely in the company of members of their own sex constitutes sex discrimination.
  6. IS unnecessary;
    Gender-neutral facilities can provide transgendered individuals with SAFE SPACES without forcing anyone to undress near, or in view of, members of the opposite sex.
  7. DISCOUNTS female fear;
    In a world where biological females are most likely to be injured, raped, or killed by biological males, the fear that many can feel in the presence of a biological male is real and should not be ignored.
  8. EMPOWERS males at the expense of females; and
    They grant biological males access to male and female bathrooms/locker rooms with biological females permitted NO choice regarding a biological male’s presence.
  9. DISGRACES us all.
    These policies grant biological males access to semi-nude and nude female bodies, break state and local laws barring peeping and exposure to do so, and require biological females to participate in their own exploitation.

Author D.J. Espinosa is a retired tenured associate professor who received her doctorate in Sociology at UC Santa Barbara. She has several publications and taught at three universities including Arizona State. Her courses included Race and the Law, Women and the Law, and Law and Society. She is also a loving mother and grandmother.

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  • DCM7

    “It equates gender (which involves identity) with sex (which involves anatomy).”
    Actually, that statement defines “gender” incorrectly. “Gender” is really just another word for “sex.” The statement apparently is meant to say something like “It gives the incorrect gender identity of a sexually confused person the same weight as (or more weight than) their actual anatomical gender.”

    • Bob Ellis

      I thought of that when I read it, too. I suspect the author knows the difference, but opted to give some credence to the flawed pop culture usage of “gender” that low-information people would understand.

      As you pointed out, for this context, Webster’s defines “gender” as “sex”

    • Thisoldspouse

      Gender is much more sexless than is supposed. Many languages have gendered forms of words. I can think of the one language I did study formally: German. Masculine, feminine and neuter word forms had nothing to do with their actual correspondence to these physiological traits, although they could. “Floor” was masculine, while “ceiling” was feminine.