Christian Post and Top Online Sites, Warning Against Trump

After securing his place in the top three in the Republican caucuses, presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke briefly to a crowd a watch party, Feb 2 in West Des Moines. Trump said, “I love you people, I love you people, thank you very much.”

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The momentum of the Donald Trump mystique of strength and streamlined anti-pc un-stop ability is finally coming under the scrutiny of America’s best Christian minds and online journals.

The ever-popular and undisputed most powerful online Christian journal, The Christian Post, posted an editorial entitled, “Donald Trump Is a Scam. Evangelical Voters Should Back Away (CP Editorial)” – in a word, this editorial is scathing, but it is fair.

The editorial begins with a serious editor’s note which says, “The Christian Post has not taken a position on a political candidate before today. We are making an exception because Trump is exceptionally bad and claims to speak for and represent the interests of evangelicals.”

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The CP editors joined in saying “We the senior editors of The Christian Post encourage our readers to back away from Donald Trump.

“As the most popular evangelical news website in the United States and the world, we feel compelled by our moral responsibility to our readers to make clear that Donald Trump does not represent the interests of evangelicals and would be a dangerous leader for our country.

“Trump claims to be a Christian, yet says he has never asked for forgiveness.”

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The editorial makes note of the fact that Donald Trump’s life does not reflect any Christian “fruits” by which to confirm his loose testimony that he is a Christian.

Many of their own contributors have warned Christians about Donald Trump, including this CP Blogs writer on my “Prophecy and the News” blog.

Some of CP’s best journalists have taken a stand against Trump’s candidacy, such as Matt Barber, Max Lucado, E. W. Jackson, Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Russell More, Kristi Burton Brown, Susan Stamper Brown, Rev Mark Creech, Wallace Henley, and Rep Reid Ribble.

CP follows Bill Buckley’s National Review Online to be among the first journalistic powerhouse online sites whose entire editorial staff stands unified against the Trump bid for the White House.

News outlets tend toward ratings and simple analysis of the Trump phenomena and who is the ‘front runner.’ Fox news has used the catch phrase “establishment candidate” so much that they have created a war in the minds of Americans that may not exist at all. The choice is supposed to be based on where the candidate will lead the nation and if they have enough character and ability to get us there, not whether they have been in politics or not. If you polish, push and pummel people enough with contrived nonsense, it begins to look like a real issue.

If they are running for president, they are all politicians and phrases like “establishment candidate” and “outsider” are artificial news spikes to keep the pot stirred, nothing more.

But that does not prevent the better discernment of all Americans, and especially those who are well versed in Biblical knowledge and sound theology. It would be less than Christian and feckless not to engage a form of higher discernment and a careful weighing of all the facts of Mr. Trump’s life and public practices. Anyone expecting to lead 319 million people should be scrutinized under the strongest microscope.

Fox cable news is obviously biased and sadly, the internet’s popular has even called Trump their “Man of the year.” Matt Drudge said early on that he would fully support Trump.

By now, everyone is aware that Jerry Falwell Jr. has endorsed Trump in spite of the many voices that decry his open support, including many Liberty University alumni.

Other powerful sites and agencies have reported and warned as well. Yahoo new was the first to report of Donald Trump’s admission to lusting for his own daughter. Several agencies have reported on the lawsuits and complaints about ‘Trump University’ which has all the ear markings of a scam.

The most damning and shocking of all, is a report published in the much respected Life Site News of a $30K contribution made by Trump to an LGBT group that wanted to teach five year olds about gay fisting.

After the wasted warnings about Barack Obama both in 2008 and 2012, this writer determined that I would not slack concerning Trump. I have already written over twenty articles about Trump, but now I am encouraged to see I am far from alone; red flags are going up everywhere.

If Ronald Reagan was the man most likely to keep us out of a world war, then Trump is the most likely to get us into a war. If the compunction to punch his dissenters in the face is a preview of his approach to foreign policy, we are all in serious potential danger. But it is this possibility that makes the following passage fair warning at this critical hour.

“Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.” (Eze 33: 4)

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  • FoxSheepCreep

    So conservative white Americans - who insist they follow Jesus Christ while they simultaneously adore guns and hate immigrants, gays, blacks, hermaphrodites, Hollywood, Hispanics, Muslims, Democrats, socialists, communists, Wiccans, Masons, scientists, environmentalists, climatologists, poets (Maya Angelou) , pundits and pastry chefs - are choosing Donald Trump as their favorite white candidate.

    So they chose a white man who demonstrates NO Christ-like behavior whatsoever to represent them.

    Good choice, conservatives, Donald Trump is the perfect candidate to represent your hate.

    • DCM7

      Who do conservatives hate?

      “immigrants” - No, we just know they shouldn’t be here illegally.

      “gays” - No, we just know their lifestyle is one they can and should get away from, and not one they should be enabled in.

      “hermaphrodites” - We generally don’t run into those, and wouldn’t hate them anyway. Are you confusing them with “transsexuals” (another group that needs help, not enabling)?

      “Hollywood” - Well, we hate some of the toxic values they teach society.

      “Hispanics” - Where does that come from? Do you think disagreement with illegal immigrants equals hate for Hispanics?

      “Muslims” - No, but those who actually follow Islam hate us and would destroy us (and you).

      “Democrats, socialists, communists, Wiccans” - Disagreement does not equal hate. (Are you noticing a theme here yet?)

      “scientists, climatologists” - No, we hate false science being pushed as true, especially to the point of trying to squelch all questioning and disagreement.

      And by the way, Donald Trump doesn’t represent true conservatives on any level to begin with.

      Now tell me: Are you really ignorant enough to believe what you wrote, or are you just misrepresenting things to make an invalid point?

    • To clarify, conservative Americans (of any skin color) like guns because they are extremely useful in defending against evil, not perpetrating evil as the Left so loves.

      Conservatives also do not hate immigrants (though they do oppose ILLEGAL immigration, which is lawlessness), homosexuals (though they do hate the incredible damage the homosexual agenda does to individuals and society in general), blacks (many conservatives also have dark skin, and it was conservatives who fought Democrats to free black Americans of slavery and discrimination in this country), hermaphrodites (the tiny number there are, who can usually lead a relatively normal life with a little help from the medical community, and don’t mutilate perfectly healthy sex organs), Hollywood(though they do hate the moral rot that irresponsible behavior from Hollywood has spread across our nation), Hispanics (many conservatives are Hispanic, and the favorite presidential candidate among conservatives right now is Hispanic), Muslims (though conservatives do oppose radical Muslims who perpetrate terrorism and who advocate the oppression of Shariah law), Democrats (we just oppose Democrats, who have championed evil in virtually every policy area for the past several decades), socialists (we just oppose the socialists who advocate legalized plunder and loathe the U.S. Constitution), communists (we just oppose communists who seek to dominate free peoples and who seek to eradicate the U.S. Constitution), Wiccans (we just oppose their beliefs which are in opposition to the Judeo-Christian values upon which the United States was founded), Masons (we just oppose any Mason who opposes any principle of the U.S. Constitution), scientists (science supports every conservative position; we just oppose frauds who attempt to advance Leftist ideology by calling it “science”), environmentalists (we just oppose environmentalists who seek to subvert the freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and who seek to perpetrate the hoax known as anthropogenic global warming), climatologists (climatology supports conservative positions; we just oppose Leftist climatologists who attempt to further an anti-freedom agenda under the guise of “science”), poets (we only oppose poets who attempt to mislead people into supporting an anti-freedom agenda through the use of emotionalism), pundits (we only oppose pundits who attempt to mislead people about the liberal records of liberals, and of the dangers of the Leftist agenda), or pastry chefs (we especially support pastry chefs who refuse to take part in immoral and fraudulent activities).

      There are a few people out there who are generally associated with conservatism who have been fear-mongered into supporting a liberal like Donald Trump out of desperation at the feckless GOP establishment, and some who are amazingly ignorant about Donald Trump’s liberal record. But the overwhelming majority of conservatives and Christians realize Donald Trump is nothing more than a Democrat with an “R” after his name.

      He would be a great choice for Democrats these days (especially after all the money he’s spent propping up Democrats over the years), were not so many Democrats so radically sold out to Marxist hatred of America these days. Trump is undoubtedly a liberal (his record proves it), but his embrace of Leftist policies is nowhere nearly as vociferous as many out-of-the-closet Democrats these days, so he may not loathe the American way enough to satisfy most Democrats.

    • Thisoldspouse

      You give hate an unearned bad rap. There is most definitely a critical need for hate in its place; none other than God himself tells us to hate specific things, and that HE hates a whole laundry list of things.

      If you hate nothing, then you are a bizarre creature, unrecognizable to God or his own.