A Good Look at What Liberal Policies Produce

Whittle_Detroit_liberalBill Whittle’s latest Firewall is once again out of the park.

By looking at Democrat-run cities in America, we can get an up-close-and-nasty look at precisely what liberal policies produce.

You can have a liberal in charge of a state or even a country, and they can do a lot of damage, no doubt.  But there is still a lot of area through which their bad policies must soak, and there are a lot of states and municipalities out there that are well-run enough that they can help counterbalance some of those liberal policies, especially in their local areas.

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But in a city, you don’t have most of that counter-balancing influence from more conservative policies–at least not close up.  It’s full-force liberalism pressed down on the people and businesses of the area.

Detroit is a great example of a city that’s been run by Democrats for decades. It used to be a model of American productivity…until Democrats got unbridled control of it.  Now it’s a moral and economic cesspool.  Whittle shows that in all its dismal glory in his Firewall; incidentally, Steven Crowder did an excellent expose on Detroit a few years ago, and I’ve included it below also.

This is not made up. This is not exaggerated. You can look it up.  I used to work with a woman who moved to Detroit after living in New York (not exactly the greatest place to come from), and she confirmed what a cesspool Detroit is.

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And while the cities Whittle lists are great illustrations of what the liberal policies championed by Democrats can do to things, these effects aren’t just limited to Democrat actions. No, with so many “Republicans” these days eagerly embracing the Leftist policies that the Democrat Party has been pushing for decades, RINOs can just as easily bring this kind of destruction on places, too. All over, even here at home, we see “Republicans” embracing the big-government “solutions,” the attacks on freedom and the free market, the cronyism, the corruption we’ve traditionally come to expect from Democrats.

America had nearly 200 years of unbridled free market policies and Judeo-Christian values. Those philosophies produced the greatest, most free and most prosperous nation in all of human history. Frankly, we’ve been coasting on that legacy for a few decades now, or things would be worse than they are. As it is, we’ve piled up $19 TRILLION in debt, our once-powerful economy is stagnant, many other nations are now more economically free than we are, and we are in moral free-fall.

If we don’t want all of America to become like Detroit, we must reject both Democrats and RINOs and their liberal proclivities.  We must insist on the legacy of freedom our Founders gave us and intended this nation to operate by.

This election season, choose wisely. Don’t accept what candidates tell you at face value. Look at their records, and don’t buy the BS.  Our nation depends on YOUR vigilance.

The Most Shameful Injustice

Detroit in RUINS!

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