Override Sought for Daugaard Restroom Protection Bill Veto

Phil Jensen


As you probably already know, Governor Daugaard vetoed HB 1008 yesterday.  This was the “Student Privacy Act” bill, or in the words of the Argus Leader and other media sources, “The Transgender Discrimination Bill.”

This bill would’ve insured that biological boys use the boys restrooms and locker rooms at school and biological girls use the girls restrooms and locker rooms.  It also stated that our public school officials need to make appropriate accommodations for the transgendered student(s) in their schools.

I send this email to you to call you to action and to ask you pray!  I just got word that Rep. Fred Deutsch, the sponsor of the bill, has changed his mind and will seek to override the governor’s veto in both the house and senate.  According to the representative who approached me, there are more than enough votes on the House side, but they are four votes short of a veto override on the Senate side.

Rick Kriebel 2016


With this in mind, I would like to ask you to send an email to each senator asking them to vote to override the governor’s veto.  Please make sure to be kind, respectful and give them a very compelling reason to vote to override the veto.

In addition, knowing that “all things are possible for those who believe,” and that “nothing is too difficult for God,” and that “the fervent prayers of the righteous accomplish much,” and that “the foundation of God’s throne is justice and righteousness,” and that “truth sets us free,” and that “the hearts of kings are like water in God’s hand,” I want to ask that you pray for each and every senator, by name, beginning today and right up to the override vote (I don’t know what day that will take place next week).

Remember, the battle is not going to take place on the House or Senate floor, no, the battle for this bill “belongs to God” and is taking place in the heavenly realms.  Therefore, we go to battle with the weapons of prayer, and with God’s Word.  These two weapons are two extremely powerful weapons that are able “to demolish strongholds,” and this bill has revealed a very real stronghold in our state and nation.

Woodrow Wilcox


Finally, please recruit as many people as you can to join you sending emails to the senators and in praying for this override effort.  If we pray and trust God to move in the hearts of each and every senator, I am confident that we will “watch the deliverance of our God,” and rejoice as our legislators vote to override the governors veto.

Grace and peace to you,
Pastor Mark Chase
Capitol Chaplain
NetCasters of the Great Plains

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