FHA Laments Missed Opportunity on Transgender Bill

Dale Bartscher

Dale Bartscher

Phil Jensen


Rapid City, SD, 03/02/2016

South Dakota Family Heritage Alliance Action

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Wednesday, March 02, 2016

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Amidst the Super Tuesday drama, another drama was almost quietly sputtering to a conclusion.  As folks across the country waited to see if Governor Daugaard would sign the landmark HB1008 into law, emotions have run pretty hot in South Dakota.

The aim of this bill was as well-meaning and void of malice as it was accommodating for people on both sides of the issue.  It genuinely sought to address what likely is going to be a prolonged debate in the not-so-distant future in our state.  The question at hand is this: should transgender elementary and secondary public school students be allowed to shower and use the restrooms with students of the opposite sex.

The State House voted to mandate that instead, it would be incumbent on the schools to accommodate the transgender individual in a respectful and decent manner.  The State Senate agreed.

Unfortunately, Governor Daugaard did not concur, vetoing the bill late in the day on Tuesday, March 1.

We sincerely believe that the Governor missed an opportunity to get out in front of this issue and help accommodate both sides in a peaceful and respectful manner.

We appreciate the seventy-eight Legislators who stood on principle and voted in support of HB1008.  We are thankful to all those who called or emailed their Legislators and the Governor asking for support, and for all those on both sides of the debate who opted for civil discourse in the discussion of this issue.

Sincerely Yours,
Dale A. Bartscher
Executive Director
Family Heritage Alliance Action

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