RINO Governor Vetoes Transgender Restroom Protection Bill

restroomSadly, I was not too surprised when I read that South Dakota’s RINO Governor Dennis Daugaard vetoed HB 1008, a bill which simply said what people considered “Duh-level obvious” just a few years ago, i.e. that if you are a biological male, you are to use the male’s restroom/locker room, and if you are a biological female, you are to use the female’s restroom/locker room.

It seems South Dakota’s “Republican” governor has joined Leftists in being unable or unwilling to simply accept science and deal with reality. After all, it is science that tells us whether one is male or female. That’s something that in more than 99% of cases, a doctor is able to determine visually in about half a second when every human being is born. In case there are any doubts, every person’s genetic information tell us whether they are male or female.

How interesting it is that Leftists (and apparently RINO governors) can’t figure out what science makes amazingly obvious.  Leftists like to claim that they worship science as the be-all and end-all of all truth and every issue. Yet time after time after time after time, we find that science contradicts their agenda, and in response they must ignore science and “pretend” that things are not as they really are.

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Ryan Anderson, an expert on the Left’s radical sexual agenda, pegged Daugaard’s cowardly decision aptly in the Daily Signal:

Ryan T. Anderson, the William E. Simon Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, called it “unfortunate” that the governor vetoed what he calls a “commonsense bill that protects the rights and interests of all students.”

“Special interests and big businesses effectively lobbied the governor to veto a good bill because of the threats they made,” Anderson said. “Remarkably, the governor justified his veto by claiming the bill would undermine local control. Nothing could be further from the truth. It respected local control while ruling out one, and only one, bad option: boys in girls bathrooms.”

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Daugaard’s blather about “local control” is typical RINO-speak. RINOs don’t give a flying flip about local control…unless it can be leveraged as an excuse to get out of doing what’s right. Conservatives typically opt for local control where possible, but any assaults the Left wages in this area (and rest assured: they’re coming) will affect the entire state of South Dakota. They will seek to impose their agenda on the entire political body in one swoop, just as they did with counterfeit marriage. What’s more, when the South Dakota High School Athletics Association (SDHSAA) formulated its pro-transgender policy, it was for the entire state of South Dakota.  State-wide implementation was good enough for a pro-transgender policy; why is one that protects everyone else from privacy invasions and assaults on reality suddenly not good enough?  (Answer: what’s good for the goose is NEVER good enough when it comes to the Left.  Unlike the Right, the Left fights to WIN–at all costs.)

When it comes to advancing the agenda of sexual anarchy pushed by the Left, no one gives a damn about morality, normality, the stability of society, the security of healthy and innocent human beings, about truth or reality. There’s a whole lot of faux hand-wringing on the Left about accommodating the delusions of a very small group of confused people…at the expense of the security and welfare of the overwhelming majority of people.  What we should be doing is getting kids help if they can’t come to terms with what sex they obviously are–not expecting healthy members of society to pretend that boys aren’t boys and girls aren’t girls.

Daugaard’s claim that this isn’t a “pressing issue” is complete BS.  If it wasn’t a “pressing issue,” why has the Obama Administration already attempted to strong-arm schools into allowing males in female restrooms/locker rooms and vice versa?  Why did Leftists already come out of the woodwork in an attempt to stop this bill in the legislature?  Why did Leftists issue threats and a full-court press to talk this noodle-spined governor out of supporting the bill?  Why did Leftist groups already threaten lawsuits if males weren’t allowed to use females’ facilities?  Especially when we already have men using women’s facilities and assaulting women? It doesn’t require even one sexually confused person to assault women; merely providing this unwarranted avenue to be abused is reckless and unnecessary.

Why is it good people are expected to be stupid enough to wait until the barbarians are already over the wall with a knife at your throat before it can become “time for action”??? Until Leftists have already succeeded in trampling the rule of law, or already succeeded in assaulting the safety and security of good people, we’re supposed to believe that taking preemptive action to protect people from an evil agenda is “premature” and “not pressing.”

The legislature could override the governor’s veto. The South Dakota Constitution says:

Any vetoed bill shall be reconsidered by the Legislature and, if two-thirds of all members of each house shall pass the bill, it shall become law.

In the House, the bill passed by an 85% margin. In the Senate, however, it only passed by a 57% margin. It would require four more “Yea” votes in the Senate to override RINO Daugaard’s veto. One would like to think in a body where there are 27 “Republicans,” you could get at least 24 to vote for a bill that is in textbook alignment with the documented values of the Republican Party. One would like to think…

We’ll see if the “Republican” supermajority (83% “Republican” supermajority in the House and 77% “Republican” supermajority in the Senate) can muster enough moral and intellectual courage to override the veto of this squeamish, liberal governor.  Especially in an election year. Republican leadership (real Republican leadership) should be able to whip up the extra votes necessary to override this pathetic veto; after all that’s what party “whips” are supposed to do: whip up support for the party’s agenda. Don’t expect what should happen to automatically happen, though. The “Republicans” we have in our government don’t exactly have an inspiring record of standing up against this liberal governor’s betrayals.

Many of us knew back in 2010, when Daugaard ran for governor the first time, that he was a liberal squish who would sell out Republican values–and he has. Repeatedly. We tried to warn the public, but a lot of people were willing to settle for what they thought was “good enough.”

Since then, Daugaard has pushed for internet sales tax, new taxes for education, earned a “C” on fiscal policy, joined the pro-homosexual movement in typical “racist” smears against conservatives and religious liberty, endorsed liberal candidates over conservative ones, sold out the state of South Dakota on counterfeit marriage, seeks to provide taxpayer-funded health care for pregnant illegal aliens, and an ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in South Dakota. Of course, now Daugaard has been elected to his second term, and any slight fear of the voters he might have had is completely gone. He can sell us out with impunity now, and face no consequences.

This is what we get when we settle for liberals in the Republican Party. We get betrayed.  Common sense is trampled and decent people get endangered by the indecent. All because some people (who should definitely know better) don’t have the courage to stand for and insist on what is right.

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  • DCM7

    “What we should be doing is getting kids help if they can’t come to terms with what sex they obviously are”

    It’s amazing that anyone could not only fail to encourage such help, but actually oppose its being available. What does that say about them?

  • Thisoldspouse

    Bob, so sorry about such a pathetic governor you have to deal with. Let’s hope that the legislature can must enough fortitude to withstand the nastiness of the Gaystapo hordes.

    When a similar ordinance went to the city council in my large city, one of the conservative councilmen (wheelchair-bound, even) said that he had never received such nasty, abusive, threatening calls in all his career on the council, from homo-leftists wanting him to do their bidding. And the council meeting was attended by unprecedented breaches of decorum by shouts and inside demonstrations by the barbarians. It worked. The council gave them their wishes.

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      Thanks, but I won’t be holding my breath. The bill’s prime sponsor (who himself has a RINO voting record-amazing that he ever sponsored this bill in the first place) has already issued a press release asking that the veto not be overridden. As if the bunch of RINOs running our legislature needed an excuse to cave, that would certainly be it.

      Sooner or later, South Dakotans have to wake up and realize that the RINOs we have here are just as bad as the RINOs in Washington D.C. They aren’t better just because they’re closer to home-especially when we don’t hold them accountable.

    • DCM7

      “one of the conservative councilmen… said that he had never received such nasty, abusive, threatening calls in all his career on the council… the council meeting was attended by unprecedented breaches of decorum by shouts and inside demonstrations… It worked. The council gave them their wishes.”

      You have just summed up the whole history of “gay-rights victories.”

      • Thisoldspouse

        Yes, starting with the APA in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

  • Matthew T. Mason

    When it comes to advancing the agenda of sexual anarchy pushed by the Left, no one gives a damn about morality, normality, the stability of society, the security of healthy and innocent human beings, about truth or reality.

    BOOM! goes the dynamite!

    Take a look at what’s going on in Canada. There’s a 53-year-old man who woke up one day and decided he was not only female, but six years old.

    When you think someone like this is more deserving of tolerance and encouragement than a stint in the laughing academy, you are even more crazy than he is. And yet, that is what’s going on!?!?!?