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Kasich Off the Rails, Needs to Clear the Tracks

In a campaign where the noise of myriad, and in many cases less critical, issues has drowned out the single greatest threat to God-fearing Americans’ individual liberties – the secular left’s tireless efforts to end our constitutional religious free exercise and freedom of conscience – Hugh Hewitt exposed John Kasich as an avowed enemy to the First Amendment and a devoted ally of Democratic sexual change agents.

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Trump Betrays Israel; Christian support of Trump is Now Direct Defiance Against God

As a nation, we have crossed the line with the continuation of abortion genocide that has produced death to unborn human beings to the tune of 55 million. Following that, we added ‘same sex marriage’ to the list of insults to God and man. What’s left?

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SOS: Speaking of Seniors – Don’t Worry Baby

SOS: Speaking of Seniors - Don’t Worry Baby

Health care and insurance matters can be very confusing for the average person. Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing the right questions to ask.

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